Forget to turn off the fire, chicken feet stew from New Year’s Eve to the seventh day……

A man in Loudi, Hunan province, forgot to turn off the fire when he returned to his hometown for The Spring Festival. The stewed chicken feet in the pressure cooker had been stewed from New Year’s Eve to the beginning of the lunar New Year.1. Keep the kitchen doors and Windows ventilated if there are harmful gases such as natural gas and carbon monoxide in the room, they can be discharged in time, so as to eliminate the danger of explosion poisoning.2. Regular inspection, frequent maintenance often check whether the natural gas pipeline, gas cylinder pipe valve, stove, water heater hose connection is fixed, whether there is a leak point.If any problem is found, please notice repair in time.3. Do not pile inflammable objects around the stove. Do not put plastic, dry wood, cloth and other inflammable objects around the kitchen stove.4. When using gas, someone must take care of it to prevent the boiling water from extinguishing the fire, resulting in gas leakage, resulting in fire or explosion accidents.Clean kitchen :1. Regularly clean the lampblack machine, exhaust fan often check the lampblack machine in the grease, when the oil cup filled with dirty oil up to six minutes full should be timely dropped, to lampblack machine, exhaust fan grease should be regularly cleaned, so as not to encounter open fire caused by fire.2. Keep the kitchen electrical appliances dry and cool. If water marks are found around electrical appliances, dry them immediately, especially around rice cookers, where water marks are easy to find.For most kitchen appliances, avoid idling (such as juicer), empty burning (such as microwave oven, rice cooker) is the most important link when using.2. Regular inspection of kitchen electrical lines Should be regular inspection of kitchen electrical, to avoid exposed wires, damp and other situations, at the same time, as far as possible not to use high-power appliances at the same time, to avoid overload electricity.The electric appliance such as electric rice cooker, electric frying pan, induction cooker can move, divide after using turn off switch, still should pull out plug, in case switch fails.Remember that!Fire extinguishes, fire does not leave!Source: Wenzhou City Daily Integrated Anhui Suzhou fire, Hunan fire, people’s video

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