Jiangsu Taizhou, Yesu town to be demolished

Gaogang district people’s government recently issued a Thai high sign to tell [2022] no. 1 to impose YeXu Town collective land 10.6666 hectares (1 ha = 15 acres) plans to land purpose this land for land used for public management and public service projects, belong to the government to organize and implement the construction of municipal public utilities such as need to land,In line with the needs of public interests, it is under the circumstances that may be expropriated as prescribed by law.Position range east to chun road, west to chunhui road, south to the planning road, north to YaoCheng avenue land status quo survey after the announcement, YeXu Town, natural resources and planning bureau taizhou taizhou medicine high-tech zone branch, taizhou medicine high-tech industry development zone (gaogang district people’s government) specified in the house acquisition department will organize relevant personnel to carry out the present situation of land survey.The survey includes the ownership, type and area of the land to be expropriated, as well as the ownership, type and quantity of rural villagers’ houses, other aboveground attachments and green seedlings.According to previous public information, the site is the site of the science and innovation Center project.At present, the plot is a reserve place for development in the control detailed planning of Yesxu Town (east area), and a conditional construction area in the recent implementation plan of territorial space planning.

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