Notice on soliciting online celebrities (including we-media)

All parties (industry) Committee: In order to further guide and encourage the “Network BIG V” in our district to consciously spread positive energy, to welcome the 5th Provincial Tourism and Development Conference, and to create a clean and healthy network environment for the 20th victory of the Party, the Network information Office of the District Committee has decided to carry out the 2022 annual network celebrity solicitation activity.1. Online celebrities registered and operated by enterprises or individuals in the zone on Weibo, wechat official account, Toutiao, Douyin, Kuaishou and other network platforms (including “we media”).2. Abide by the relevant national Internet laws and regulations, publish objective and true content, diversified forms, lively, promote the theme, spread positive energy, pay attention to the hot issues of people’s livelihood, serve the people’s life, participate in the interaction of netizens, widely popular among netizens.2. Please fill in the Application Form for Datong District Excellent We-Media Account (Network Celebrity) Solicitation (Attachment 1), and send the electronic version to before March 1st.Attachment 1: Datong District Excellent Network Celebrity (including we-media) Solicitation Application Form No. Name Nickname Platform Number of fans (ten thousand) Contact Information Certification Information Datong District Network Information Office February 17, 2022

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