Liu Xuezhou committed suicide and left a thousandword suicide note: she was trafficked by her parents, sexually assaulted by a deviant teacher and abused online

For more exciting content, come to the attention of Adin said affection a strong, kind-hearted boy looking for relatives, frozen in life at the age of 15.She was trafficked by her parents at birth. She was bullied at school when she was young. She was sexually assaulted by a perverted male teacher and subjected to cyber violence when she was young.Read Liu Xuezhou’s suicide note, can not help but sigh that fate is unfair to him, should be rebellious, ignorant age, but to bear so much pain.What was it that made him feel hopeless about the world?Maybe his death won’t bring any remorse from those who hurt him.He was just tired and desperate and powerless, so death was a relief for him.”By the time everyone is finished reading this, I should have lived a happy life, a wonderful life, growing up in the arms of my mum and dad,” he concluded.”The sun shines on the sea, and I return to the sea.”Born to be a man, don’t lose the kind Liu Xuezhou heard villagers talk: he was bought by adoptive parents.He went to ask his grandmother, who told him that his parents were only his foster parents.His adoptive parents left him after a firework explosion when he was about 4 years old.After that, he lived with his aunt, and then her death left him an orphan.He supported himself and his grandparents by working part-time.He grew up without the love of his parents, adoptive parents died, biological parents are still alive.So, he had the idea of looking for relatives.Seeing the news of sun Haiyang’s family reunion on the Internet, he also looked forward to reuniting with his biological parents and enjoying his own affection.So he thought of all kinds of ways to find his parents.He finally finds his birth parents, but he doesn’t feel their love.His parents don’t want to be responsible for him, let alone give him a home.Every time he reached out to them, they either said they were busy or didn’t answer their phone.What he’s waiting for is parental shielding, abusive language.In a casual chat, my father mentioned that when he and his mother were unmarried and pregnant after giving birth to him, the people of grandma’s family forced them to ask for bride price.He had no choice but to sell him, sell the money to his biological grandfather, and his mother married.Knowing the truth, he could only endure the pain in his heart.He had to pretend not to know in front of his mother, and then he didn’t have a place to live because school was out.He can’t go back to his grandma’s house.He had no choice but to go to his mother, but his sister wouldn’t let him live at home.Then he could only call his mother with one request: I want a home or a place to live.His mother told him, “I’m not the one to blame for your bad life, but your adoptive parents, and shielded him.”Later, my father also left a message on the Internet saying that he was “selling miserably” and was an “Internet beggar”.People on the Internet are attacking him, saying he’s trying to get sympathy and heat…What bad idea could a child have?They just want their parents to love them, they want a home, they want to be loved.Is such a simple wish, became his greatest extravagance.In the face of secondary injuries from loved ones and malicious attacks from Internet trolls, his explanation is feeble.He could only pretend to be strong, pretend to be sunshine, to explain again and again.There are always a group of people in your life, everything you say, everything you do, they think you’re doing it wrong.They want to attack you, they see you in pain, you will be more desperate, will not stop.Because they don’t know what is good and what is evil, right?They like to take pleasure in other people’s pain.And good people, when they die, still thinking about others.Just like Liu xuezhou, he donated all the savings he earned before he died.We all say that parents are the greatest people in the world.However, there are still a large number of parents in life, only live not raise or do not raise not teach.They are not qualified to be parents. They treat their children like garbage and throw them away whenever they want.Before throwing, consider whether you can get the final value for yourself.So, they abandoned or sold their own children.They have no moral boundaries and are selfish to the extreme.Liu Xuezhou’s death is largely due to his overestimation of human nature.He did not see human nature, the greatest flaw is selfish.It’s not his fault. It’s a little scary for a teenager to see through people.As he said: born light, or also clean.That’s what his family did to him.It’s impossible for anyone to disown his family of origin.His fate was decided at birth.The biological parents are selfish and irresponsible.There is no bottom line in doing things. He admits his mistakes and does not change. After making peace with him, he has no intention of repentance.Here to advise those who are not ready to have children, must think clearly regeneration, since the birth of the child, will be responsible for the child, to do the responsibility of parents.As a public, appeal to everyone to anyone, anything do not know the whole picture, do not comment.More do not maliciously slander others, learn to respect life.May heaven be free from pain and malice.If there is an afterlife, I hope he is a child held in the palm of his family

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