“New Year walk grassroots” true feelings return, splashing ink to send blessings

“Please cut a pair of tigers for me, festival!””Can you help me write a seven-word Spring Festival couplet?”Recently, organized by the Disabled persons’ Federation of Ma ‘anshan city, the activity of “Pen and ink to welcome spring with love and give back to the society to send blessings” was held in the Disabled persons’ Federation Square. Four disabled persons with arts and crafts expertise wrote Spring Festival couplets and sent paper-cuts for the citizens for free.Disabled calligrapher and painter Shi Honglin and disabled calligraphy lover Fan Zhaoli are busy splashing ink and writing. They send the strong lunar New Year wishes to the citizens with a pair of Spring Festival couplets full of blessings and a piece of “fu” bearing the hope.On that day, several disabled people made hundreds of Spring Festival couplets and paper cuts.”The Spring Festival couplets handwritten by disabled friends are more thoughtful and meaningful than those sold outside, bringing a different flavor to the upcoming Spring Festival!”Citizen Zhou said.Shi Honglin is an art teacher at Ma ‘anshan Special Education School. He has been teaching for 21 years. Through making special teaching plans and elaborating teaching modes, he has trained batches of deaf and mute teenagers who love painting with paintbrush and sign language.Over the years, ma ‘anshan Disabled Persons’ Federation is very concerned about Shi Honglin’s work and life.During the Spring Festival, the leaders of the city’s Disabled persons’ Federation would visit him at home to ask for his opinions and suggestions on the cause of the disabled.”I am always a volunteer, and now I have the opportunity to volunteer for others, so I feel really excited and happy.”Fan Zhaoli said.Over the years, Fan has practiced calligraphy in his spare time, often writing Spring Festival couplets for his neighbors.During the Spring Festival every year, the Ma ‘anshan Disabled Persons’ Federation visits the families of the disabled and sends warm wishes from the Party and the government.On the eve of the Spring Festival, ma ‘anshan Disabled Persons’ Federation visited 66 families with disabilities in Dangtu County and Bowang District.”We need to help people with disabilities in financial difficulties solve their urgent problems, fully implement various disability benefit policies, and bring the Care of the Party and the government to our people and put it into practice.”Ma ‘anshan Disabled people’s Federation director Zhang Wenxiang told reporters.Reporter Yin Xiao correspondent Fang Ting

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