Spring Festival return home “chain” live youth

“Success is not only in the distance, home also have poetry and dream”.Early in the morning of New Year’s Eve, Sun Jing, party secretary of Chuzhou Municipal Party Committee, forwarded a letter from Chuzhou Municipal Party committee and chuzhou Municipal Government to experts and excellent talents in the whole city in wechat circle of friends, and used the Spring Festival to return home tide to attract more talents to stay in Chuzhou for the development of Tingcheng.As written in the letter, Chuzhou now has a strong momentum of development, a clean political environment, continuous optimization of the business environment, and economic aggregates rushed into and firmly established anhui “third city”.In this way, Chuzhou has challenges as well as opportunities. Chuzhou Municipal Party Committee and Government of Chuzhou directly wrote in the letter that “The ‘Good C’ of Chuzhou is always reserved for all talents” due to the importance and thirst for talents.In this context, the Chuzhou Communist Youth League took the initiative to organize and carry out colorful activities such as “wisdom of Chuzhou · ‘chain’ on hometown” to “chain” youth.During the Spring Festival, the city’s youth league organizations at all levels take this as a starting point to actively contact and unite the majority of returning youth, unite the majority of youth closely around the Party, and continuously inject powerful effective force for the development of the Party’s cause.”Not only this Spring Festival, but also on weekdays, we often organize returning college students to take a walk in the enterprises and villages of the county, so that they can see how beautiful Fengyang is in the development.”Speaking of this Spring Festival, Zhang Nian, deputy secretary of fengyang County Party Committee of the Communist Party of China, said “retain talents”.In recent years, in order to keep more outstanding young people from Fengyang at home for employment and contribute to the development of Fengyang County, fengyang County Committee of the League “three steps” to build a full chain of talent services.Attract talents with activities., according to zhang nian has long been held on to the local group college students winter vacation home, SAR, hold share “tuan tuan” projects, to carry out the summer social practice, completely take you to see the hometown fans meeting, summer volunteer service activities, lead the students to connect rural grass-roots governance, into the enterprise development, into the social development direction,Let college students with the help of the league county committee to build the platform to further understand their hometown, in love with their hometown.In 2021 alone, a total of more than 300 college students returned to their villages (communities) to sign up for voluntary epidemic prevention and control activities.”Cultivate talent” by position.In addition to doing a good job of self-selection, the League County Committee also actively responded to the call of the League Chuzhou Municipal Party Committee, to do a good job in the selection and selection of part-time deputy secretary. In the early stage, a total of more than 120 college students signed up, after qualification review, post adaptability matching, publicity and other links,A total of 26 college students, part-time deputy secretaries of the Youth League committee in towns and townships, came to the post to experience grassroots social governance, rural revitalization, petition maintenance and other work.In 2021, a total of 28 people were recommended to county-level organs, enterprises and public institutions after selection.Use the benchmark to “retain talent”.Combined with the actual situation of county-level rural revitalization, the County Committee of the Youth League has extensively explored, contacted and served youth entrepreneurship and employment models. Combined with the project of “Youth League and Teamwork”, four outstanding youth models from government organs, enterprises and public institutions have been selected to create a tailored propaganda video for their deeds, attracting more young people to return to their hometowns with their moving deeds.Part-time youth corps committee, vice secretary of carried out in grass-roots corps mingguang city: returning to college students into the “eight big industry chain” for returning students understanding hometown economic development, promote social practice ability, the Spring Festival, the mass of mingguang municipal committee of the organization to carry out the “intellectual exchange chuzhou,” chain “hometown” Ming everbright students into the “eight big industry chain” practice.In mingguang city chemical industrial park, the university students to visit the research for the three trees paint and gerber li, and other enterprises, under the guidance of the staff, the common view of enterprise production workshop, starting from the production of raw materials, to the scene of the production equipment, production control, detailed understanding of the enterprise production technology and process, meanwhile, the students put forward some questions in the process of visit,The narrator answers questions on the spot.Afterwards, all the college students visited the Planning hall of Mingguang City and learned about the development history, local customs, construction achievements and future blueprint of Mingguang City.During the visit, we were attracted by vivid pictures and exquisite short videos, and further learned about the urban and rural construction and economic development of Mingguang City.Through the activities, the students had a deep understanding of the urban construction planning and industrial economic development of Mingguang city;Not only broaden my vision, but also increase my knowledge, feel the development of my hometown more comprehensively, but also deeply realize the mission and responsibility in the work of the Communist Youth League in the future, and lay a foundation for the part-time deputy secretary of the township (street) league (work) committee.After the event, the college students took a group photo.In order to further enhance the sense of mission and responsibility of college students to serve their hometown and repay their hometown, promote the implementation of the deputy secretary of the town (street) and community league (industry) committee of college students. Before the Spring Festival,There was a drum conference for college students serving as deputy secretary of the town (drum) and community corps (drum) committee in dongpo community, Tongle Street. 24 college students from 11 towns (drum) and communities participated in the conference.Before the meeting, the youth League district committee organized college students to visit the community Party spirit education hall, review the glorious course of the Party, accept the party spirit education, from which to grab more spiritual food.At the meeting, Pei Hongwei, secretary of the District Committee of the Youth League, warmly welcomed the returning college students, and introduced the work content of “ten one” needed to be carried out in this practice, and emphasized the deployment of relevant work requirements.Encourage everyone to maximize the professional knowledge and practice closely together, cherish the internship opportunity, in the process of practice to learn more, look more and think more, encounter problems to think more, encounter experience and practice more to digest, for the future to work in the post to lay a good foundation.In the following half a month, the part-time deputy secretaries of college students were active in various posts, which not only exercised themselves, but also brought more vitality to the grass-roots youth league activities.On the morning of January 19th, zhangguang Town of this area carried out the learning experience sharing activity of “Growth Dialogue” for outstanding college students. The activity was presided over by Tang Chao, secretary of The Youth League Committee of Zhangguang Town. Liu Mu and Sha Xingyu, part-time deputy secretaries of the Youth League Committee of Zhangguang Town, gave lectures, and some students and teachers from Zhangguang Middle School and Zhangguang Central Primary School attended.At the meeting, Liu Mu shared his learning experience from four aspects: setting goals scientifically and reasonably, taking notes carefully in time, developing the habit of reviewing in time, and persisting in learning Chinese and English.Sha first told the students to study hard from her own learning experience, and then shared her learning methods from three aspects: learning plan, college classes and enough sleep.In order to enrich the cultural life of community residents, deepen the children’s cognition and feeling of Chinese traditional festivals.The garden community of the district and chuzhou No. 11 middle school jointly carried out “handwork cutting window, happy to welcome the New Year” manual paper cutting activities.Ruan Xianqi, part-time deputy secretary of the Youth League committee, served as a volunteer and explained the basic skills of paper cutting and matters for attention.Through carrying out window cutting activities, let the children understand the Customs of the Spring Festival, feel the strong flavor of the Year, experience the charm of traditional Chinese culture;At the same time, it also creates more opportunities for communication and enhances the harmonious atmosphere of the community.Cut the paper-cuts here, and the other side is busy.In order to let the children feel the festive atmosphere, social warmth and love of the school, part-time vice wu clothing town youth corps committee secretary of the union of chuzhou middle school to carry out the “love home” ten visits condolences to special groups student activities, for dozens of left-behind children, children in veterans, and special group of children on lunar New Year gift, hope they study in focus at the same time, pay attention to body health,To become a good boy in the new era with all-round development of morality, intelligence, physique, beauty and labor.College students part-time deputy secretaries have said that the social practice is an extension of school education to the classroom, it helps contemporary college students to contact the society, understand the society, but also an effective way for college students to learn knowledge, exercise ability, but also a good way for college students to serve the society and repay the society.As a student of the new era, I will strive to be the pioneer of The Times and stand on the top of the tide bravely. I will cherish this practice and live up to the trust of the organization.The deputy secretaries of the College Students’ Part-time League (Industry) Committee visit the Community Party Spirit Education Hall Group Lai ‘an County Committee:Students go home to see the employment in order to further promote the popularity and influence of the lai ‘an county personnel policy, college students and enterprise communication platform, to lead students with close contact, home to understand enterprises, help college students career planning, to attract more talented people into rich ecological happiness to Ann, the eve of the Spring Festival,Tuanlai County Committee and the county Talent Office jointly organized the “Numerous students in their hometown to help Lai ‘an’s new development” college students to visit enterprises in their hometown and exchange activities.This activity invited 30 university students to visit the key enterprises and projects in chahe Development Zone.The college students came to Anhui Shengshi High-tech Orbital Equipment Co., LTD and Anhui Youfa Packaging Technology Co., LTD, and the head of the enterprise introduced the enterprise culture, production operation and enterprise management to them in detail.At the same time, I led the college students to the workshop for a field visit and study, and carefully introduced the functions and use of workshop equipment to them.While visiting key enterprises, college students also have a detailed understanding of the current leading industry, talent demand and development momentum of Lai ‘an County, know the importance of high-level talents for enterprises, see the new development and new achievements of An County in recent years, to help college students improve their professional cognitive ability.After visiting the workshop, the college students took a photo for the purpose of building a high-quality docking platform for the college students to enter the park and enterprises, understand the county situation and recognize the major, further guide and encourage the majority of students to choose lai ‘an, and contribute to the service of the economic and social construction of Lai ‘an.The next step, the group laian County committee will continue to thoroughly implement the provincial, municipal and county decisions and deployment on the employment of college graduates, seriously implement the “I do practical things for the masses” practical activities work requirements, and do a good job in the county college graduates return to employment and entrepreneurship work.Reporter Cheng Rongjuan correspondent Zhang Nian Huang Ya Pei Hongwei Jiao Rongrong

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