“Ding, ding, ding…There is a response in 24 hours, and the “love” prompt sounds in this community group

“Excuse me, are there any medical personnel in our community?””Excuse me, are there any medical personnel in our community?”On the evening of March 30, fengpu street nine huali yuan community of a resident private letter area two resident committee cadres seek help.It turned out that his wife had just finished chemotherapy at home. According to the routine, he needed to get a white needle every two days on time. He saw that the time for fixed injection was coming soon.After learning about the situation, the cadres of the neighborhood committee immediately released the information for help in the community volunteer group. Soon, some residents responded, saying that their loved ones were medical workers and could help them get injections.After urgent consultation, Fei Chunying, an orthopedic doctor at the district Central Hospital, put on the “Big White” and took protective measures, and came to the door to give an injection to the patient for help.In this way, all the work was completed in less than an hour from residents’ information request to the volunteers’ injection. The whole link was smoothly connected and the disposal was efficient.”I didn’t expect it to go so smoothly. I really appreciate the residents committee and volunteers.””Take-out squad, let’s go!The virus didn’t bring us down, but it brought us together.Xu Guohong, born in the 1970s, was one of the six or seven members of a “take-out team” immediately organized by volunteers at the nine-huali Garden as the measure of “staying indoors” required.Xu Guohong, from Hefei, Anhui province, has been engaged in the decoration industry in Fengxian for many years. He is an ordinary tenant of Jiuhuali Garden. He is warm-hearted and kind at ordinary times, and is affectionately known as “Xugong”.”Fengpu is my second home, and it is the responsibility of every one of us to protect our home.”This time, he signed up as soon as possible. Due to the shortage of manpower in the community, the neighborhood committee left two periods of time for residents to order take-out food in the morning and afternoon, but Xu hongguo always guarded the take-out cabinet early in the morning and waited until the last time to leave in the evening.Every time he saw someone ordering something outside the designated time, he would immediately respond, “There are always some special circumstances, since I live here, it is very convenient to run.”Do a little more yourself, the community can be more secure, there are many community residents like Xu Guohong’s idea, second child mother, “mother and daughter file”, retired “husband and wife file”…More and more residents join the volunteer team to protect their homes together.Fengpu people, come on together!Written by Wen Yeon-jing (Bongpo Street) Edited by Oh Yan

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