“Spring Festival I am on duty” Jining public security guard peace, happy New Year to you!

Stick to the post to protect you safe New Year’s Day Jining public security police auxiliary police stick to the post to protect thousands of reunion to pay New Year’s greetings to you!On the occasion of the approaching of the Spring Festival, Jining public security wish everyone in the New Year and shun to xiang, peace and happiness!END Recent Overview
Xi Jinping: Strive to become a pillar of the country capable of carrying important responsibilities
Xi made the remarks as the Communist Party of China Central Committee and The State Council celebrated the Spring Festival

Xi Jinping’s New Year wishes

Xi Jinping talks about family education and family tradition construction

In his exhortations to young cadres to enforce strict party rule across the board, Mr Xi has stuck to that theme
Review: Li Tonghua Editor on duty: Tian Qiaoxi Source: Jining Public Security

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