The first car in my life under $100,000, I chose it. I have everything

As a young person or a college student who has just entered the society, it is actually a very good thing to buy a car of his own, because the car can shelter you from wind and rain. When you work overtime until 11 or 12 o ‘clock, you will have a partner to accompany you, and wait for you to go home. It is a beautiful thing.Usually weekend can also drive a car to go around the neighborhood, see the scenery, take a walk, looking for some food, do not wait, said to go.The first car as there are a lot of people will be considered for a long time, because we all need to consider the fuel consumption, size, brand, 3 big and so on a series of problems, we in the choice of the car slowly found that this car is good but it might be out of face, homebred saw joint venture car feel good brand, face to give,However, when compared with domestic cars, we feel that the configuration is not high, but the price is still much higher. As time passes, we are very confused before buying a car.This is a very normal thing, after all, tens of thousands, tens of thousands are their own hard-earned money is not it, and even some money is given by parents and elders, if I buy things not satisfied with the money spent in the heart is not comfortable.Let me talk about the process of buying a car.First of all, I will make clear my budget (100,000 yuan), how much money there is in my pocket to see what price car, beyond this range I do not consider, because I did not consider the loan, loan will give me some psychological pressure (THIS I explain my personal point of view).Of course, I also have two points here: loans. 1. Loans are internal financial services of car companies. Generally, loans of car companies have no interest, and a three-year loan is very friendly to friends who have some money but do not want to buy a car in full.2. Your own ability to pay after the loan, although it is not much to say that a car loan of tens of thousands of yuan within 100,000 yuan can be repaid at about 2,000 yuan per month, but under the situation of the epidemic, many people are still unemployed, or trapped in a place unable to work without income is also a problem.The type of car you choose depends on your preferences, such as SUV, car, van, etc., and what the purpose of buying a car is. Personally, I choose between SUV and car, and the reason why I choose a car is based on the following points.First: fuel consumption – SUV body weight this must be known, you said to buy a 1.4T drive body weight of the car is a small horse car, for long-term use is not very good;The second:Range of choice –10 all-purpose SUV styles in my opinion, there are few choices, such as Geely, Chery and Kia. If I really look at the feedback of owners, the performance or the overall cost performance of suVs of this level is not very good. I also went to several stores to make comparison, of course, some configurations are outstanding.But the price of different levels of the same section is not the same, that is to say, the difference between the beggar version and the distinguished is not one point two points.Third: the feeling of driving – I drove suv, a long time really feel very tired, especially the sitting position, the car is more comfortable.(Personal opinion).Based on the above points of view, I finally chose only a-class cars. I ran the Blue Whale engine model of Escape Plus 1.4T from Changan Store, Irise 5P Ozawa from Chery Store, Cruze 1.5L from Chevrolet store and Yinglang 1.5L from Buick store. The blue Whale engine model of Escape Plus 1.4T is really good, especially the dalian screen in the car.It has a strong sense of science and technology, and the power is relatively good. Erizei 5P Ozawa of Chery store values the appearance, but the sales are not willing to deal with my appearance and give up this brand resolutely. The cruze 1.5L of Chevrolet store is much worse than that of Long An.Kluzer gives me the feeling that it can be accepted within the range, after all, the discount is big wow, buick Yinglang 1.5L this car’s three major parts are basically the same as Kluzer, may be the brand effect, we sell better in China, so his price is also high nearly ten thousand dollars.Therefore, after thinking about the three items, the brand is not very important to me. Moreover, it is China’s Buick and the world’s Chevrolet.I gave up buick for the sake of price.So in the long and comfortable move and Kluzer two cars to choose between, changan this car but with sales talk is 97,000 can land.The Chevrolet Cruiser 8.5 hits the ground.Two car prices are more than 10000, also in my hundreds of internal energy done, within the scope of the chang ‘an is homebred brand is also thinking of to support domestic brands, and then make the car with changan sales, the sales told me to wait for a few months, when there is less than 2 months on the New Year, I also want to open a car to go home for the holiday,How to drive home from a few years away also a little face is not no, (small mind is at work haha).Changan not been decided, it turned to the Chevrolet 4 s shop, with sales of ordering, the reception, this sales to tell the truth is the truth, people friendly and stable, he always can see a car in the drive I pick up my estuary metro subway, every time is the night for work reasons, he is waiting for me in the shop, is moved, many people may say, sales to earn your money,I’m sure they served you well up front, but they didn’t. I sold this car for full price and based on the final price he really didn’t make any money.Order car Chevrolet Cruze 1.5-L automatic sunroof version, gray.To be honest, I have also considered the fuel consumption of this car, and many owners have said that it has some problems such as oil leakage. Indeed, GM may have all these problems, but if there is such a problem, you can find the store after-sales service, or even say that it will be several years or more.I also have friends around to buy Chevrolet brand, there are no these problems, this is still with their own car, maintenance has a certain relationship.Let’s talk about cars.Pros: Cruze this car features: ramp assist, cruise control, engine start and stop, AT transmission, glass heating, central navigation, reversing image.Others like manual air conditioning, hand brake, single skylight.Trunk space with two large and a small suitcase, 1.8 the child sit in the front of the car will be a little surplus, but there are three fingers to sit back a little bit better in my view is that the price I can buy a car has a lot of, but the price a little bit better, as my first car hand brake or electronic hand brake is not important,Automatic or manual air conditioning is not important, do not need these bells and whistles, simple enough, the whole of my own do not understand, or even this car that I sold may not use a few times.Lack of fuel consumption: this car only has two airbags in the front, which is really not very generous in terms of safety. If the sound insulation is used, everyone can sometimes know that it is not very good, but I can accept this price. The 6AT gearbox has a setback in the first 100 meters of acceleration, which is not very satisfactory.In terms of fuel consumption, I have run three times on the highway. Overall, the high-speed fuel consumption is 6.5 oil, which is about 7 oil in the city. The fuel consumption seems not very prominent, but it is in the norm.The car smell is not very big, of course, you just mentioned the smell must be there, open more on the line.I picked up the car on December 18, 2021. So far, it is more than 2,000 kilometers, but it is not so bad on the whole, and I am not so disappointed. At least, I do not need to ride to work in the cold night.Having a little money for yourself is also a kind of saving.I’d recommend the Cruze if you’re just starting out in the world or if you need an old mobility sedan.Sorry everyone, this is my own view, not how to write an article, have a bit of colloquial words, reference can, spend their own money to buy what they like is the most important!

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