A batch of domestic bananas, positive

Inner Mongolia wulanchabu city jining a batch of domestic banana review positive from hebei baoding gao beidian roping – JiNing Chinese JiNing WeChat public # 29 news, jining in Inner Mongolia COVID – 19 epidemic prevention and control headquarters, January 26, 2022, jining market regulator for new contax huimin garden to carry out routine check,The outer packaging of two boxes of bananas in The Guoli Fruit and vegetable Shop contained English labels. In order to effectively ensure the food safety of consumers, The Jining District Market Supervision Bureau immediately sealed the bananas on the spot and carried out traceability investigation.After investigation, it was found that this batch of domestic Yunnan banana was transported to Jining District from Gaobeidian city, Baoding City, Hebei Province. At present, this batch of goods have been sealed up, and there is no market sales situation.At 17:30 on January 28, the novel Coronavirus nucleic acid test of the inner and outer packaging of bananas in Jining District CDC was initially positive, and the re-test of the novel Coronavirus nucleic acid test in jining District CDC was positive at 23:45.According to the investigation and judgment of The Health Commission of Jining District, there are 9 direct contacts of positive domestic bananas, 4 of which have been controlled by Chayou Front Banner and 5 by Jining District.

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