Oh, look, the UNIVERSITY of Western Sydney’s IT c-level student

Computer has a place in the most popular major in today’s society.As a product of the rapid progress of human beings, computers gradually enrich people’s lives, and fields such as big data, network security and artificial intelligence have penetrated into all aspects of our lives.There is no doubt that in this digital age, mastering data holds the future.In Australia, data scientist and artificial intelligence, as one of the industries with the best development momentum, are favored by overseas students.The University of Western Sydney is undoubtedly one of the best choices for international students in terms of comprehensive employment range and salary.Let’s take a look at the IT major of the University of Western Sydney.WSU’s undergraduate and Master programs in Computer science are both accredited by the Australian Computer Society @ Professional Level.ACS, short for Australian Computer Society, is Australia’s recognised organisation for information and communication technology professionals.ACS is designated by the Australian Department of Immigration and Immigration as a technical assessment agency. All applicants who want to emigrate to Australia as it majors must complete the ACS technical assessment.Nearly 20 computer-related programs at the University of Western Sydney are accredited at the ACS Professional level.The University of Western Sydney’s Master of AI is the only Master of AI program in The state of New South Wales, and the two sought-after Master’s programs, Data Science and AI, do not require any undergraduate background in computer Science!What?Is it true?I didn’t see it!No background in computer science required!No background in computer science required!No background in computer science required!Important things say three times!Now, if you get an offer for these two master’s courses, you will automatically get a tuition fee reduction of 6000 Australian dollars per year as a scholarship.Then the original annual tuition of 33,000 Australian dollars, immediately reduced to 27,000 Australian dollars per year, which means two years of schooling, less than 300,000 RMB tuition can help you win the future golden career in the computer industry!The University of Western Sydney computer Science program offers a global internship of 120-200 hours, with an undergraduate degree in cyber security and Behaviour recognised by industry partners: DXC Technology, Maquarie Telecommunications, Aruba and Telstra.Key cyber security personnel from these companies are on hand to provide students with internships, on-the-job learning, guest lectures and training advice.For teaching and research in ARTIFICIAL intelligence, the University of Western Sydney and IBM Australia:AI and Blockchain and Intech Solutions:Specialising in Intelligent Data Match, Data and Knowledge Query Answering established a deep cooperative relationship.In the final year of study, students may choose to complete a dedicated industry internship or research project.Sydney’s great West is home to more than 2.3 million people, 35 percent of whom were born overseas.Sydney’s population is expected to reach 3 million by 2036 and absorb two-thirds of the population growth in the Sydney region, making it one of the fastest growing cities in Australia.The University of Western Sydney is located in Sydney’s great West – a hub for infrastructure and job opportunities.Data scientist has been dubbed “the sexiest job of the 21st century”.Data scientists can model past events to determine associations, causes, and impacts, and they can simulate environments to predict future trends.Cyber security experts work behind the scenes to strengthen systems and develop solutions to ensure, control and protect sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.In Australia, the average salary of a data scientist is 107,120 Australian dollars per year *;The average salary of a cyber security professional is AUS $100,464 / year *.* Australian Government Job Outlook

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