Reporters directly hit the nucleic acid testing site in Shanghai issued these reminders

According to relevant policies, nucleic acid tests were carried out in Shanghai today (April 4), and the community where knews reporters live is no exception.The weather is good, the sunshine is good, the breeze is not dry, suitable for outdoor sampling.By 10pm last night, the community’s security staff had set up the isolation belts and tables and chairs for use.At 6 o ‘clock this morning, the staff of the neighborhood committee, property management staff and volunteers came to the site early to prepare their work according to the previous division of labor and wait for the arrival of medical workers.First, before the test, the preparation should be done.1. Make personal registration on the Health Cloud APP or mini program, pay attention to the accuracy and completeness of registration information, and save the QR code screenshot.Elderly friends and children can register on behalf of family members.2. Set the brightness of the mobile phone desktop to the maximum for easy code scanning.3. Wait.In accordance with the requirements, nucleic acid testing shall be conducted in a time-sharing and batch manner in order to ensure that “no family is missed and no one is left behind”.Move wherever you’re called, and stay indoors until you’re told to take samples.Two, testing: consciously maintain order, obey the guidance arrangement.1. When queuing for sampling, please wear a mask and keep a distance of 2 meters. Do not gather in crowds, chat or smoke, etc.2. When you get to the line, when you see the sampler taking out the cotton swab, pull down the mask for sampling.After sampling, put on the mask and leave quickly.Three, after the test: do not stay, immediately go home.1. After returning home, do a good job of elimination and continue to stay indoors.2. “Follow the application” to query nucleic acid test results.Author: Changning, Shanghai

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