After niO’s many accidents, Li bin still spewed fuel

In 2010, Bitauto was listed on NASDAQ in the United States with great fanfare, and its market value broke through 10 billion yuan at one fell swoop, becoming the leader of the auto website industry.Li Bin, the founder of, is not ecstatic about the unprecedented peak moment. After all, at the end of 2001, in the darkest hour, he threw everything he had to lose to get the to where it is today. Only he knows how it feels.With proven investment experience in Dangdang, Mobike and, Li began to seriously consider the future of China’s auto industry.Every time he looked up at Beijing’s smoggy skies, his thoughts grew stronger.”Bring back the blue sky!”So, in November 2014, NiO was born!1. The concept of NiO new energy vehicles flying on the tuyere was proposed by the state as early as 2009.However, because of lack of experience and no survey of consumer market prospects, few dare to enter the line.In this way, China’s new energy vehicle planning slowly to 2014.In April 2014, a historic moment, Musk personally came to China and delivered the keys to the owners of the first Batch of Tesla electric cars in China, which caused a sensation.Since then, the concept of new energy vehicles has caught fire in China.In November of the same year, Li Bin, who yearned for “blue sky”, announced the establishment of NIO to make New energy vehicles in China.As a mature and successful entrepreneur and investor, Li Bin has a plan in mind on how to occupy the battlefield of new energy vehicles.After the establishment of the company, the most important thing is to find capital investment.To this end, Li Bin has found Jingdong Liu Qiangdong, Tencent Ma Huateng, Xiaomi Lei Jun and other big names, talk about their ideas about China’s new energy vehicles.Sure enough, Li bin and the leaders of the idea happened to see eye to eye, they have expressed their intention to join the partnership, liu qiangdong even listened to Li Bin talk for 15 seconds to finalize the decision of cooperation intention.In this way, NIO has become a company endorsed by well-known domestic giants. Although it is a new generation, its capital strength is even stronger than some old car companies.Pulled to the capital, it is necessary to look for technical team, set up the production line.In order to match the appearance of famous cars and have a proven technical team, Li spent a lot of money to recruit people from all over the world.Former Maserati global president and Mazda COO Martin.Rich and former MOTOROLA CTO Woolsley were acquired by NIO, and Shanghai Alte Automobile Company was wholly acquired, along with more than 200 automotive engineers.With capital and talent, how to deal with the car production line? Li Bin is a person who plays with capital, and he tends to get the maximum benefit at the minimum cost.In April 2016, NIO signed a contract with JAC To help it produce cars using JAC’s complete production line.It is said that standing in the tuyere, even pigs can fly, NiO is just a representative of taking advantage of the tuyere.In combination with national policies, the development pace of the automobile market and the consumption tendency of human society, Li Bin drew a big pie and easily attracted funds and talents.Next, NIO is about to start its wonderful performance in the new energy vehicle market.2. Everything is ready from the peak to the abyss. Nio soon made a big move.In October 2016, niO’s concept EP9 made its debut at the Nurburgring Nord circuit in Germany, setting an electric car lap record of 7:05 seconds. A few months later, it set a 257 km/h record at the Americas Circuit in Austin, Texas, making it the fastest electric car in the world.It never rains but it pours, and NiO is famous for it.To create a gimmick, only six EP9 units were produced in the first group, owned by Li Bin, Zhang Lei of Hillhouse Capital, Ma Huateng of Tencent, Liu Qiangdong of, Lei Jun of Xiaomi, and Li Xiang, founder of Autohome.Li is telling the outside world that NiO will be the best electric car in the world, so good that business leaders will try it out.Then, Li Bin offered a big move.At the end of 2017, NiO launched its first pure electric car, the ES8, and Li held another launch event that could be considered an international event.Eight planes, 60 subway cars, 19 five-star hotels and 160 buses are all rented to welcome NiO’s investors, prospective clients and media.Not only that, NIO chartered wukesong Stadium and invited a famous American rock band to perform live, bringing the atmosphere to a climax.According to one estimate, the launch cost 80 million yuan.Of course, all investment is for the future return.In addition, NiO’s sales model is also unique.It created a club for the most high-end cars in the brand called.The purpose of the club is to serve those users who have made outstanding contributions to NIO.The threshold to join the club is very simple: you can either spend about 10 million yuan to buy an EP9, or you can obtain “NIO value” by buying or recommending your relatives and friends to buy NiO cars. If you accumulate a certain number of points, you can get membership. On average, you can only be eligible to join the club if you help NiO sell 25 cars.Entering the club is not finished, but also have to pay more than 10,000 yuan maintenance fees every year.What is the attraction of this club? It is very simple. People only tell you that there are high-end celebrities like Liu Qiangdong, Ma Huateng, Lei Jun and so on.In other words, as you enter the community, you are surrounded by high-quality human beings who can talk to you not only about the driving experience, but also about the opportunity to explore your own imagination.This strategy worked, and the car owners scrambled to help NiO sell 25 cars per person, and some people sold 96 cars. It is no exaggeration to say that a NiO car owner is equivalent to a 4S shop.Moreover, NIO owners have become synonymous with lofty, even if you own BMW, Mercedes, Maserati and Porsche, it is not lofty enough without a NiO car.Relying on the gimmick and circle culture, and the huge national subsidy to the new energy vehicle industry, NiO grows rapidly, just like a dark horse in the field of new energy vehicles.In September 2018, NiO was listed on the New York Stock Exchange with a high profile. Li Bin specially invited 12 car owners to ring the bell at the exchange and witness the glorious moment with NiO.Nio has become known as China’s “Tesla”, and many people are even betting that NiO will surpass Tesla.Some people say that the most important thing about the auto industry is that respect for life and respect for technology are both indispensable.Although NiO has a lot of fame, it is a new thing after all, and its quality and safety problems need to be tested.The good times will not last long, and the nightmare will soon come.In April 2019, a NIO ES8 was involved in a spontaneous combustion accident in Xi ‘an, followed by an ES8 incident in Jiading, Shanghai, in May.In addition, wuhan, Shijiazhuang and other places have also occurred niO spontaneous combustion.Nio and Li responded immediately after the accident and announced a recall of 4,803 ES8 vehicles.Though sincere enough, security concerns have to be ignored.Just like the owners of NIO said, NiO has a good attitude, but we are very disappointed!Nio has greatly reduced the impression of consumers and indirectly affected the enthusiasm of the investment market.In March 2019, the state announced that it would gradually reduce subsidies for new energy vehicles, which virtually increased NIO’s production cost.How bad is it? The numbers speak for themselves.In the first quarter of 2019, NiO sold 3,989 units, a far cry from 7,980 units in the first quarter. In the second quarter of the following three months, it sold 1,123 units, 1,089 units and 1,340 units respectively, showing an extremely dismal sales market.To make matters worse, rival Tesla announced in January 2019 that it would build a factory in Shanghai, which made Nio’s original plan to enter the city fall by the wayside.A series of negative news caused niO to stumble, and even the launch of its third vehicle, the ET7, was delayed.On the stock market, investors’ expectations for NiO fell to freezing point, and the stock price fell all the way and was almost delisted.Thus came the saying that Li Bin in 2019 was the most miserable person.Everyone is questioning, NiO, there is a future?Li Bin has long had experience of coming back from the dead.When the dotcom bubble burst in 2000, a wave of companies went out of business.Li Bin’s easy car network also suffered a disaster.At the end of 2001, 28-year-old Li bin was on the verge of extinction with a debt of 4 million yuan.But Li Bin has a bull temper, just carry through the cold winter, carry to 2003 Chinese Internet site turned a corner, investors come again, in 2004 Easy car back to life.For NIO in 2019, Li Bin still chooses to fight hard, and there will be opportunities if he can overcome it.First of all, Li himself subscribed for the company’s $100 million convertible bond and transfused blood into NIO through his own efforts.Second, Tesla has once again brought a turning point to China’s new energy vehicle market.In early 2020, Musk traveled to Shanghai to personally attend the Model 3’s delivery ceremony and announce the price cut.The Chinese market’s enthusiasm for new energy vehicles has been ignited again, ushering in a new opportunity for NiO, which has been struggling.First, an investment fund with confidence in the neV market invested more than $200 million, and then the Hefei city government injected 7 billion yuan into NIO.More gratifying is that, in order to alleviate the impact of the epidemic on the economy, the state announced to suspend the withdrawal system of the subsidy policy for new energy vehicles, which means THAT NIO can continue to enjoy subsidies.Nio’s morale is rising, with 7,225 vehicles delivered in the first month of 2021, a blowout increase compared with the previous year.With that sentence, Li Bin changed from the most miserable person in 2019 to the most proud person in 2020.With dongfeng, NIO is back from the dead, but some people still question whether niO has a future?In July 2021, an EC6 caught fire on Shanghai’s Lingang Avenue, and a month later, a NIO ES8 driven by Lin Wenqin, founder of Meihao, had an accident on Shenzhen-Hai Expressway.According to statistics, from 2018 to 2021, NiO has had a total of 13 accidents, the main types of which are collision, spontaneous combustion and undrivable.It can be seen that safety and the specification of autonomous driving functions of electric vehicles are still urgent issues for NIO.Moreover, Li Bin in order to sensationalism repeatedly issued shocking language, was criticized.”How nostalgic does a person have to be to buy a gas car?I can’t think of anything good a petrol car can do now except smell of petrol!””I didn’t know about Tesla when I started Nio!”(In fact, NIO was founded shortly after Tesla released its patent.) These arrogant words caused the antipathy of many netizens, making NiO and even new energy vehicles criticized by the users of gas cars.Therefore, some people begin to question that NIO is just taking advantage of the trend of new energy vehicles and relying on capital to stir up the bubble accumulation. What is worth showing off?To be fair, NIO represents the development direction of New energy vehicles in China, but this does not mean that following the trend will be able to stand.Let’s not talk about the merits and demerits of China’s new energy vehicles and Tesla. As far as we are concerned, what we want to achieve long-term development, build a sustainable business and refresh the new era of the automobile industry is not sensation-seeking and nonsense capital campaign, but trustworthy products and services!Note: some of the pictures in this article are from the Internet, and the copyright can not be verified, not for commercial use, if there is infringement, please contact us.Author: Heart to my tong

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