Flower sea, Cat, Yinuo, fearless, Fly were selected for the Asian Games.

The Asian Games list has finally been confirmed. Flower Sea, Cat, Innuo, fearless and Fly have been selected for the Asian Games.The Asian Games list has been basically confirmed. Although KPL has not made an official statement, there are several official microblog announcements with the names of Yinuo, Cat, Huahai, Fearless and Fly.And the theme of the micro blog is also related to the Asian Games, it can be seen that these five people are basically a solid hit, in terms of honor and ability they are also more suitable.First of all, Fly is the team leader of the Asian Games. As the first player with KPL honor, he has played for many years with six champions and three FMVP skins, which have proved his ability.QG has been in the team since he entered KPL. Although there were many low points in the team, he still played the role of a big brother.Drive the team to constantly refresh their own height, although the technique is declining now, but if maintain confidence can still challenge higher difficulty.But Fly, who has won his own Grand Slam and is more honored to represent his country, has long expressed his willingness to compete.Cat is also a person with many honors. The total QG to eStar has always been the champion, and he is basically invincible in his peak period, creating one honor myth after another.He was also the first KPL player to surpass 10 million, almost the first player at that time.However, as time goes by, age is also the biggest disadvantage, not only the technique is not enough, but also the effect after the transfer of auxiliary has been poor.Although later improved, but now alone is not enough to win a higher honor.So it’s a good choice to challenge yourself again in the Asian Games.Hua Hai has been in eStar since coming to KPL, and has always been the leader in the wild position.He had his place in two of eStar’s glory days.At that time, though he was a little brother, his strength was clearly seen by everyone.After big Brother slowly left, he gradually became a very responsible captain. EStar’s resurgence is inseparable from his efforts.Fearless is also a wild new generation, in Hero won two champions in a row, after ziyang and Qingrong left Nanjing Hero long race also slowly change out, from the previous S group losing to B group, the team problem is too big, the coach problem is also the team internal controversy.Fearless choice of Asian Games is everyone did not think of.Enoch has been a team favorite since AG’s return.He was at his strongest in nineteen and twenty, but as time went by, he was not at his peak. AG now has serious problems within his team.But at this time, Ono chose to compete in the Asian Games should have their own reasons.Although there are five players on the roster, there is a big debate on who will be forced to switch positions, and there are openings in the middle.It is impossible to adapt a wild player to the middle, which is a very big test for the player, we don’t know.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to the king of blame

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