Latest news from Suzhou!The two had taken the train in Anhui

On February 15, Suzhou reported one new confirmed COVID-19 case and three asymptomatic cases.It is worth noting that asymptomatic infected person 3 arrived at Suzhou Railway Station from Chuzhou, Anhui province on February 6 by K5827 (Bus no. 58).On the evening of February 14, Suzhou announced the “7+1” activity track.Among them, confirmed case 6 took K5827 from Chuzhou, Anhui province to Suzhou Railway Station on Feb. 6.The detailed track is as follows: Confirmed case 6: lives in Xikuatang Village, Mudu Town, Wuzhong District. She is a staff member of Baoshide Technology In the industrial park and works in the same unit as Case 2.On February 6, I took K5827 from Chuzhou, Anhui to Suzhou Railway Station (No.59 of Bus 6), took a taxi home from 19:00-19:24, went to Dayun City by electric bike at 19:49 to buy dinner at a noodle shop and went home.February 7, 7:03 to Mudu Shenxiang love Fresh Shop and Century Hualian supermarket, 7:20 to work by shuttle bus, 8:41 to Mudu Shenxiang Xiaokai Drugstore, back to work, 17:30 to go home by shuttle bus.February 8, 7:17 to Jinfeng Road, Xiangyang intersection daniang dumplings restaurant for dinner, 7:30 by bus to work, 17:30 by bus to go home, 19:49 to Mudu Dayun City to meet fried sauce noodle shop and Han Palace banquet.On February 9-10, I will go to work by bus at 7:20 and go home by bus at 17:30.On February 11, I went to work by bus at 7:20, and went home by bus at 17:30. I went to Mudu Dayun City at 19:49 to buy dinner at a noodle shop and went home.On February 12, she stayed at home all day because of discomfort symptoms.At 15:00 on February 13, he went to fever clinic of Suzhou Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital by motorbike. After nucleic acid test was positive, he was transferred to a designated medical institution in the city for isolation and treatment.Asymptomatic infected person 3: living in Xicaotang Village, Mudu Town, Wuzhong District, unemployed, renting a house with confirmed case 6.February 6: Arrived at Suzhou Railway Station (No.58, No.6) by K5827 from Chuzhou, Anhui, and went home by taxi from 19:00-19:24. At 19:49, I went to Flower City by electric bike and met a noodle shop. Then I went home.February 7th, all day at home.February 8, 7:17 to Jinfeng Road xiangyang intersection Damang dumplings shop, 7:30 by electric car to send confirmed case 6 by bus, 18:30 by electric car to shuttle bus station to meet confirmed case 6.On February 9, at 7:20, the confirmed cases were sent to the bus by motorbike 6. At 18:30, the confirmed cases were picked up from the bus station by motorbike 6. At 18:45, they arrived at Mudu Pearl River Food City.On February 10, at 7:20, the confirmed case 6 was sent to the bus station by motorbike. At 18:30, the confirmed case 6 was picked up by motorbike at the bus station and left work. At 18:41, he arrived at a noodle shop in Mudu City.On February 11, at 7:20, I rode an electric scooter to send the confirmed case 6 to the shuttle bus. At 18:30, I picked up the confirmed case 6 from the shuttle bus station and left work. At 19:49, I met the noodle shop in Mudu Flower City and arrived at Meiyijia Supermarket in Flower City at 20:00.February 12, 11:40 to cainiao Station to pick up parcels, 11:54 to Mudu Shenxiang Vegetable Market, 13:00 to Mudu Zhujiang Road Big pan Chicken Shop, 19:17 to Shaxian Snacks.February 13, 15:00 to suzhou Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital respiratory clinic by motorcycle.After nucleic acid test is positive, closed-loop transport to designated medical institutions for isolation and medical observation.Source: Suzhou issued to recommend anhui an emergency search!Close contact has participated in the latest announcement of funeral ceremony!She proposed to be deputy Chief procurator of the Procuratorate of anhui a new round of “double first-class” list announced!Anhui these 3 universities are in column!

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