Rockets source: Gordon trade stymied, Porter doubtful, us media suggested lakers 3 trade

As the trade deadline approached, the Rockets repeatedly said they wanted future first-round picks in return for a deal involving Eric Gordon.But according to the media matt Moore, the rockets have been two different teams for Eric Gordon’s interest, it is including the future first-round draft picks in return, but the biggest obstacle of these potential deals is the matching problem of cap space, because the team is higher than the salary cap needs in a potential deal out close to Eric Gordon’s salary:”The problem is they can’t find a team that can absorb it because the rockets don’t want to absorb any salaries.”For a rebuilding team like the Rockets, a potential trade for a future first-round pick would be a good move for the rebuilding team, but they would also have to consider the impact of a long-term deal on future cap space flexibility.On the other hand, the Rockets’ injury reports came out before the game against the Pelicans, with Eric Gordon questionable for the game due to a sore left heel and Kevin Porter Jr. questionable for the game:Eric Gordon and Kevin Porter Jr. have been very important backcourt players for the rockets so far this season, and without those two players, the rockets will need better performances from the likes of Jaylen Green and Wood.Last but not least, the trade rumors between the Rockets and the Lakers have been getting a lot of buzz lately, and Salman Ali listed 3 potential trade proposals for the Rockets and the Lakers in an article. Plan 1: The Lakers get John Wall, David Nuwaba, and the Rockets get:Russell Westbrook, 2027 first round pick (top 4 protected picks) Option 2: Lakers get: Eric Gordon Rockets get: Taron Horton Tucker, Kendrick Nunn, 2027 Lakers first round pick (top 4 protected picks) Option 3: Lakers get:Eric Gordon, Daniel Theis, David Nuwaba, DJ Augustine Rockets get:Brooke Russell – Wisconsin, in 2026, the lakers’ first-round draft picks swaption, 2027, the lakers’ first-round draft picks the above three is a very big deal, if the rockets can send Eric Gordon to the lakers, it will certainly make the latter has a better squad, especially in the absorption of Russell – Wisconsin brooke under the condition of the contract.

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