2.0T plug-in hybrid + electric four-wheel drive, Chery version of “Land Rover Defender” exposure, comprehensive fuel consumption of 1L, too overpowering

Version 2.0 T mix + electric all-wheel-drive, chery “land rover defender” exposure, combined 1 l, too dominating the present in all major domestic cars, chery is high-end, after all, the dull a comparative sales three strike force of the Great Wall and changan, is compared to sales of byd as oneself, own high-end or behind some of the roads, while chery engine is very famous,2.0T star way pull moon or failed to turn the tide, it is also easy to understand, after all, pull the moon just changed an engine and name, the car inside and outside the design has not changed, when it comes to attractive new models have to be the early exposure of the Jetway T-X.Jetto T-X is positioned as Chery’s own Land Rover Defender, taking a hard-driving off-road route like Great Wall’s tank models.Have to say, take high-end route, style or have to conform to their temperament, like the Great Wall in the pickup field for a long time, Hafu H9 is also exploring hard models, so tank 300 out, quickly recognized.Chery is not only famous for its engines, but also for its previous models, which are designed in the style of Land Rover.Jetway T-X this car has been exposed to a lot of expectations.To make up for the short board design, chery, please a lot of stylist, although at present the international hardcore off-road unlimited market, chery or design your own style, the main square of design elements, with the current to give priority to with circular concrete design of the form, the contour edges and corners clear of the car, and headlight is somehow the stripe of square, very interesting,It also forms a different vision from the Tank 300 lamp model, with a luminous lettering logo on the front.Lettering is actually a hard design element in the market, but the luminous lettering, which is still rare, is interwoven with the bright headlights to create a very sci-fi look, which is much better than the dusty Land Rover Defender.The off-road tires are very aggressive and hardcore, and the rear is the suspension roof, which is very advanced. The small bag at the tail is also designed with a square shell. The design elements of the front and back are consistent, which can be said to be very aggressive visually, integrating the hard and avant-garde design style.The current mainstream of the hard market such as the Tank and wrangler are hard and retro style.It can be seen that Chery this time in the design, really intends to break new ground.Interior is also a large number of square design elements, the square steering wheel is eye-catching, the central control is the use of double screen design, is also the peak of the console appearance level.It’s science fiction.As for hard technology, 2.0t insertion and mixing system with electric four-wheel drive and three locks, also bring excellent running effect, fuel consumption is also controlled in 1L or so.So far, this new car has the strength of the standard tank 300.

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