“Bonsai” changed landscape garbage classification to enable the construction of “beautiful Zhenjiang”

At the beginning of the year, zhenjiang Heavy Waste Dismantling Center project, which covers an area of 11.7 mu in Zhenjiang New Area, entered the construction stage and is expected to be completed in the first half of 2022.The person in charge of the project introduced that the garbage, including cabinets, sofas, tables and chairs, was discarded arbitrarily due to the large volume and high transportation cost, which caused pollution to the city’s appearance and environment. After the completion of the project, the bulk garbage was processed here, with an average daily processing scale of 30 tons.”After decomposition, crushing, dust removal, magnetic separation and other processes, they will eventually enter everbright Environmental Protection Energy Company, through incineration to achieve green recycling.”Behind the recycling and utilization of large waste is the natural result of the logical evolution of zhenjiang city’s waste classification work.In recent years, Zhenjiang has focused on the concept of green and low-carbon, co-construction and sharing, and adopted multiple measures to promote the construction of garbage classification demonstration projects. Relying on various forms such as intelligent pilot and classification knowledge publicity, zhenjiang has advocated a green ecological, healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle, fostered new urban civilization trends, and actively built a beautiful Zhenjiang.After careful arrangement, the waste classification demonstration project is progressing steadily.Solid progress has been made in the construction of residential areas that meet the standard of garbage classification. Zhenjiang has carried out the “withdrawal of buckets and simultaneous collection” in some areas where conditions are ripe, and carried out the pilot project of “sorting residents at source and collecting and transporting them at a fixed point at a regular time”.At present, the city’s public institutions have basically achieved full coverage of garbage classification.At the same time, it purchased and updated 1,292 classified transport vehicles, equipped with classified collection and transportation vehicles according to the types of garbage, improved the collection and transportation mechanism of “different personnel, different vehicles, different requirements, different directions”, strengthened the supervision of the whole process of collection and transportation vehicles, and put an end to mixed collection and transportation and the phenomenon of “running, running, dripping and leaking”.There are different types of waste, and terminal disposal is particularly critical.We focused on classified management and targeted measures, and focused on harmless disposal of domestic waste.According to statistics, the daily incineration and treatment capacity of municipal household garbage is 3150 tons, which has exceeded the daily production of household garbage. It is the first in the province to achieve full incineration of household garbage and daily clearance, and the harmless treatment rate of household garbage reaches 100%, fundamentally solving the problem of “garbage siege”.Kitchen waste, construction waste and other resources are utilized. At present, the daily processing capacity of kitchen waste in the city is about 250 tons. Zhenjiang Kitchen Project Phase II and Jurong kitchen disposal project are under construction in sequence and are expected to be completed and put into operation by the end of the year.Not only that, construction waste has a place to go.Six construction waste resource utilization plants have been put into operation in the city, with a daily disposal capacity of about 4,800 tons by means of self-built or integrating related enterprises and adding special production lines.It is also worth paying attention to that the second phase of the incineration ash and slag disposal site was completed and put into use, with the design capacity meeting the landfill demand for 9 years. The upgrading project of the leachate treatment station in the eastern part of the city was completed and put into operation, and the environmental protection disposal capacity was greatly improved.The “bonsai” of garbage sorting and disposal is becoming a sight to see.In Zhenjiang New Area, sanitation disposal center, landscaping waste disposal center has been built and put into operation.In Jurong, the five-in-one organic waste comprehensive treatment project (collaborative disposal of food and kitchen) and the emergency landfill for domestic waste will soon be completed and put into operation.Specialized digesting decoration waste resources utilization projects are also in an orderly way.As a series of garbage terminal disposal facilities have been built and put into operation, the garbage treatment system has been gradually improved.According to the relevant person of the city’s urban management department, the terminal disposal capacity continues to increase, and the closed-loop operation mode of classified delivery, classified collection and transportation, and classified disposal gradually takes shape, which helps “Beautiful Zhenjiang” turn from a beautiful vision into a vivid reality.Reporter Chen Zhikui correspondent Feng Bin short comments for a long time as a result, win extra points Chen Zhikui consumer society carnival context, all the time not to create the illusion of garbage.Accompanying, emerging in endlessly, piling up the city garbage, increasingly testing the city governor Yu Gong moving mountain tenacity and prescription prescription wisdom.Although it is still some time before there is a comprehensive and systematic waste classification, the changes happening around us have not stopped.Every kind of garbage has its use, and every pile of garbage has its ideal home.From kitchen waste to construction waste, from large waste to garden waste, from the type of waste to the volume of waste, targeted and precise management, just like ants move or make up for the waste approaching the siege, move, digest and reuse.Proper response, garbage disposal such as originally listed as a deduction of urban problems, can also be made into a plus.For example, the experience of food waste disposal in Zhenjiang has been extended to several cities along the Yangtze River Economic Belt.In Zhenjiang, harmless, reduction, resource, such labels interpret the green transmutation of garbage.Garbage classification is never achieved overnight by a campaign.It’s a long, even repetitive journey.Only by sinking down and taking the people’s yearning for a better life as the goal of struggle, strengthening scientific management, forming a long-term mechanism, promoting habit formation, and realizing the orderly recycling of garbage and turning waste into treasure, can the construction of beautiful Zhenjiang strive for more items.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com

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