One handheld mini configuration speed look: you can put it in your pocket, anytime, anywhere to play computer games

When it comes to games, computer games are the best, and there are many masterpieces. However, computer games cannot be played anytime and anywhere due to the limitations of devices. In this respect, they are really a little worse than mobile games.But there was demand and someone wanted to solve the problem, hence the game consoles that could play computer games.Iichi has been in the game console business for several years with several game consoles, and this time it has released a game console called OneXPlayer Mini.The Mini is small and elegant. At 7 inches, it’s almost the size of a cell phone, and it fits effortlessly into your phone’s trouser pocket, allowing you to play computer games anywhere.Its body weighs only 589 gigabytes, so you won’t feel tired when holding it, but of course the biggest advantage is portability.At first glance, it is almost a gamepad-style design, almost identical to the PSP, SWITCH and other handheld devices, which is the current style of handheld devices.In addition to up and down around, rocker, ABXY keys, it also in the fuselage of the left and right upper two increased two trigger keys, usually use it to play shooting games, shooting keys is here, of course, there are some vibration feedback, the feeling of verisection is very strong.In addition, it uses skin-like advanced UV customized coating, the overall color is black and orange, frosted feel, non-slip and fingerprint-free, hands-on experience is very comfortable.Having looked at the overall design, let’s look at the internal configuration.With a 7-inch screen, 1080P resolution, 323ppi pixel density, and 16:10 ratio, it’s a pretty standard game console screen, perfect for playing games.The processor is i7-1995 G7, dual channel 16GB of RAM, 1TB solid state drive, and playing the current market games is definitely enough.And it also provides a rich interface, double full speed USB-C4.0 interface, standard USB-A3.0 interface, and can be connected to the external video card dock connected to a large screen display, can enjoy the console into an independent host pleasure.The battery is really big. The 104,55mah battery is equipped with 100W gallium nitride flash charge. It can be 50% full in 20 minutes, which is a relatively good level.In addition, it also provides PC class heat dissipation fan, double pure copper heat dissipation tube, pure aluminum heat dissipation fin, heat dissipation effect is very excellent.In addition, it is pre-installed with Windows11 system, and paired with bluetooth keyboard, it can be transformed from handheld to office laptop in a second. It can also be used for office work when playing games on daily trips, which is worthy of its multi-function.End comment: 6699 yuan price, the first mini handheld game in the portable game is indeed a lot of highlights, want to play games where you play, very practical.Consoles, however good they are, are hardly better than desktops. If people don’t want to play games all the time, then they don’t need to waste money on consoles.But then again, who could resist playing computer games while lying down?For more exciting content, check out Hello Tech

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