The first Party Branch of Maiji District Procuratorate launched an online party class activity

At present, the situation of epidemic prevention and control is grim. In order to implement the requirements of epidemic prevention and control and ensure the effectiveness of Party members’ learning, the First Party Branch of Maiji District People’s Procuratorate organized an online Party class activity in the form of “no meeting” through the “Longzhengding” video conference system on the morning of April 1.Party class by the branch secretary Comrade Yang Jiangtao lectures, party secretary, procurator-general Zhang Yu as ordinary party members and branch members jointly attended.Jiang-tao Yang to “adhere to is victory, do outbreak battlefield qualified communist party member”, closely with wheat area epidemic prevention and control policy decisions, elaborated profoundly the war during the period of “disease” how to give full play to the cutting edge exemplary role of party members, the outbreak of the war on how to become a qualified member of the communist party, for all the party members to carry out the epidemic prevention and control work further clear direction.He stressed: a party member is a flag, a branch is a fortress.Only when Party members are the first to stand up, dare to rush forward, and motivate, unite and organize the people can they firmly rely on the people to win the battle against the epidemic.That all party members, through this online party class learning, enhanced on the current situation in the “disease” profound understanding, established the “disease” confidence determination, and inspired the party hold position, role and bear, sinking community, active service, will charge in the front, have the courage to bear, resolutely fight the epidemic prevention and control sniping action.Online learning has broken through the limitations of traditional learning and achieved good results.In the current special period of the fight against COVID-19, some Party members are stationed at the duty card points in the community, some are volunteering at “three stops and one visit”, and some are sticking to the case work.The party class is special and meaningful, through video learning to achieve online and offline resonance, truly realized will be open to the “online”, will work to the “line”.(Source:

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