The friend who likes corner balcony is blessed, this 200 square meter house model, the design is very humanized

The friends who like corner balcony are blessed, this 200 square meters family model, designed the balcony with very human nature change, let us experience concretely.After entering the house, a mini storage room can be built on the north side, where temporary shoes and hats can be placed neatly to ensure the neat atmosphere of the activity hall.The kitchen, dining room and living room form a north-south transparent, wall strictly aligned, with geometric linear beauty.The kitchen on the north side is adjacent to an operation balcony, which is very convenient as a washing room or mechanical operation space.The activity hall to the south surrounded the deep and long balcony, can satisfy all sorts of life functions outdoors.Nearby is a separate bedroom that can be used as a guest room or a private meeting room.The lounge area has three rooms, with the north and south bedrooms all having their own bathrooms with open Windows.The design concept that double advocate lie also lets door model grade further upgrade.Southward second lie the toilet close at hand that the distance separates dry wet, move line fluent.Advocate lie morpheus area southwest side is surrounded super generous corner balcony, here can raise flower, recreational, plant vegetables, yoga, fitness, taste tea, it is ideal choice.In the middle is a walk-in cloakroom, while the access to the north side of the dry and wet separation of the bright window toilet.Double-sided lighting also ensures a very refreshing atmosphere.How do you feel about the overall layout?

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