To welcome the Winter Olympics, the county will launch a series of activities for the 2022 Ice and Snow Carnival

In order to help the Beijing Winter Olympics, fully mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of the masses to participate in ice and snow sports, and show the spirit of unity, cooperation and hard work, our county recently organized a series of activities “Welcome the 2022 Winter Olympics ice and snow Carnival”.The activity was jointly organized by the county Federation of Trade Unions, culture and Sports Bureau and the County Communist Youth League Committee. Forty-eight workers from six towns of the county and 48 teachers and students from eight schools in the education system participated in the snow tug of war and snow rope jumping competition.With the referee’s whistle, the snow tug-of-war competition lively began, the ice and snow crowd passionate, sonorous and powerful cheering voice one after another, incessant in the ear, we hold the rope, to their own direction to pull the rope, the atmosphere of the game was pushed to a climax.We braved the cold, enthusiastic, with indomitable perseverance and hard work on the meaning of unity and cooperation.In the rope skipping competition site, the teachers and students are full of spirit, a rope dance from the wind, both hands shake fast, the rope swish through their feet, everyone high morale, show themselves, showed an extraordinary strength.By creating winter ice and snow events close to people’s lives, more people can feel the charm of winter sports and experience the fun of ice and snow sports, promote the popularity of ice and snow sports among the masses, set off the nationwide ice and snow fitness upsurge, and create a strong atmosphere of welcoming the Winter Olympics, involving all people and sharing ice and snow sports.

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