Dehong Public Security: the reunion dinner in the police camp

On New Year’s Eve, every family is eating the reunion dinner, but for the police on duty, the dinner has become a luxury.In this special day, the state public security Bureau on duty during the Spring Festival police auxiliary police although not at home to eat dinner, but in the public security bureau to eat a warm New Year’s Eve dinner.In accordance with the state Public Security Bureau party Committee to ensure that the auxiliary police on duty during the Spring Festival to eat hearty, healthy and nutritious, as a stable police force, warm police heart and improve combat effectiveness of measures to grasp the requirements of fine.On January 31, 2022, the public security bureau police security in dehong prefecture, all the police on duty worker together to battle all statistics, shopping, equipment eat early, early to make the arrangements, thoughtful, have abundant for police officers on duty and delicious dinner, warm heart cheer for the duty police officers on duty, let the auxiliary police on-duty police “to eat, eat well, don’t want to home”.At 18 o ‘clock in the afternoon, all the auxiliary police on duty sitting around the table, we laugh, blessing, full of thick flavor.Home dishes warm the heart of every police auxiliary police, let them feel the state public Security Bureau party committee’s care, love and the warm atmosphere of the festival in the big family.Source: Dehong State Public Security Bureau Police Security Office Editor: Yu Liliang review: Yang Xiyuan

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