Got it!The van driver the Internet is looking for is him……

We found a “missing person” notice today fire all over the network we are looking for driving Lu ND4418 truck driver brother February 10 morning in G25 long deep highway Huzhou, after a collision,There was white smoke coming out of the front of the car, and the driver got out, opened the hood, looked in the engine compartment and immediately there was an open fire, emergency,All at sea when a car license plate number for heavy duty truck lu ND4418 way in the driver immediately remove the fire extinguisher to help textbook fire of fire vehicle successfully put out the fire video instantly fire over entire network “to find lu ND4418 truck driver” has become so hot search his calm on the motorway fire without hesitation to leave let netizen “you fire once.i really handsome”Shandong Texas on February 12 policemen found” the most handsome driver “he is dezhou city ling lorry drivers jin-xing wang, Zhao Hongsheng lift fire behavior jin-xing wang said highway vehicles on fire too dangerous situation I have emergency I didn’t want to run long-distance bus fire equipment is complete in the case of secure parking quickly to put out the fire and the two drivers also have special statusWang Jinxing, a former soldier who served in Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang respectively and is a party member, said it is incumbent on party members and soldiers to take the lead in praising the two drivers when they are in danger

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