Where is the best black tea in China?After the selection, these five tea stand out, have you tasted it?

China is the birthplace of tea in the world, and also a flourishing place for tea production.Since ancient times, the production of tea countless.In China, black tea is second only to green tea in both output and audience, ranking second in six tea categories.But internationally, black tea is more widely accepted and deeply welcomed by westerners.Relatively speaking, except for a few high-end black tea, the price of most black tea is relatively close to the people, which is very suitable for ration tea.And black tea after fermentation, tea is more mild, not stimulating, unique taste, now more and more people like to drink black tea.The kind of black tea of our country less say also have hundreds of kinds, the black tea quality that each place produces mouthfeel also each have characteristic.Through contrast, the black tea quality of these a few places is more excellent, stand out in numerous black tea, and the price is more close to the people, see you drink which?Fujian is the birthplace of black tea, and Lapsang Souchong is the father of black tea.Only in Fujian Wuyishan Tongmuguan area produced out of the zhengshan small variety is authentic.Traditional lapsang souchong has a distinctive “pine smoke aroma”, but with the improvement of the production process, many souchong no longer have the pine smoke aroma.Lapsang souchong has a fat shape and a tight knot of cords.After brewing, the tea soup is red and smooth, with mellow taste and high aroma.Like the more popular jin Jun mei, is on the basis of the mountain small kind of upgrade and come.Excellent quality, high-end jinjunmei price is quite expensive, ordinary people usually can not afford to drink.Sichuan — Xianwu Feng Tea This black tea is a local poverty alleviation product and is cheap, making it a good choice as a ration tea.Made in Junlian County, junlian County, tianfu Longya brand, which is one of the top ten famous teas in Sichuan, has won many awards in tea competition.The local ecological environment is superior, the altitude is high, and the soil contains a variety of trace elements, the tea produced has the excellent quality of “fat leaves, thick fragrance, thick taste”.Fairy fog feng Ming dry tawn-colored Zewu Run, cable tight fine round straight, dry fragrance pleasant;After brewing, the unique orange sugar flavor of local black tea is fully awakened, sweet and attractive;The entrance of tea soup is smooth and mellow, mild and palatability, and obviously sweet.In general, the taste is mellow with sweet, full-bodied and mellow.Quality and taste are quite good, no wonder so many people love it!Qimen Congou black tea, also known as “qi Hong”, is a famous historical tea in Anhui province.It enjoys the reputation of “tea hero in China” and enjoys a good reputation at home and abroad for its quality of “high aroma, mellow taste and colorful color”.Qi Hong appearance cable is more uniform and tight fine, looks very beautiful;The honey aroma is remarkably persistent;The tea soup is red and bright and tastes sweet and mellow.Yunnan — Dian Hong Congou Dian Hong Congou is a rising star in Chinese congou black tea.Although it started late, it soon gained a firm foothold in the tea market thanks to the rich local tea tree resources in Yunnan.Yunnan Red Congou tea is mainly produced in Lincang and Baoshan of Yunnan province.Compact shape and fat, gold hair skin;The tea is full of flavour, rich in flavor and relatively “intense” in character.Jiangxi – Ninghong Congou Ninghong Congou tea is one of the earliest congou black tea in China, mainly produced in Xiushui, Jiangxi and other places.The local black tea has been produced since the Daoguang Years of the Qing Dynasty. It has a long history and has been sold well in Europe. With its unique quality, it has won many awards and a very brilliant resume.Ninghong Congou from the appearance of the cable round straight and tight knot, color black with red, straight front seedlings;The tea is fragrant and durable, the soup is red and bright, and tastes fresh and tender.Cold weather, bubble a cup of black tea, both cold and stomach.Besides the above five kinds of black tea, which one do you prefer?

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