“Chengguan Blue” + “sanitation orange” combination “protect” out of Ping an School road

Reporter: At the beginning of the school year, the “law enforcement blue” and “sanitation orange” at the gate of the school were always shining with saluting, holding hands, exhorting, escorting…These pictures make people feel warm!In recent days, the Comprehensive law enforcement Center of Chaotic Yang Street in Wuhan Economic Development District has been insisting on the principle of education and guidance, supplemented by legal rectification, adopting the mode of “guidance at peak stations and inspection and rectification at low peaks” to provide key protection around the campus.Always adhere to the “guard duty, guard duty”, actively stand “guard guard”, intentions as a good “patron saint”.The sidewalks and slow lanes around the school are comprehensively cleaned, cleaned and eliminated, the urban furniture and garbage containers are fully covered with cleaning and elimination, and the surrounding sanitary dead spots of the school are cleaned up.The reporter learned that the urban management department has a long history of setting up nursing posts around primary and secondary schools. By fixing people and fixing posts, it effectively maintains the city appearance environment around the campus and ensures students’ safe access to the campus.In the next step, the urban management department of the area will continue to strengthen the school surrounding environment remediation, the implementation of the normal long-term management mechanism, for the general public, teachers and students to create a neat and beautiful, orderly, safe and healthy learning, living environment, do a good job in the city “guardian”.

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