Dou Luo: no soul swallowed soul beast soul force, evil eyes saint king are not rivals, Tang three can only rely on mouth dun

Introduction: “Dou Luo mainland” comic interpretation, no e swallowed soul beast soul force, evil eyes saint king is not a rival, Tang SAN can only rely on the mouth to escape.Article/don not ended three classes with no urban battle is drawing to a close, no eritrea after absorbing member, the level of its strength to achieve very terror, a seven seconds kill one hundred thousand soul beasts, and recruiting hit a small white, tang also nearly killed three, but evil eyes saint king came in time, there can be no true left arm cut off directly, but it makes no more excited, eritreaBecause it’s been a long time since anyone hurt him that badly, and it’s clear that Wuah hasn’t gotten serious yet!No urban claim to want to defeat him, by the evil eyes st Wang Hetang three they are not worthy, so he decided to “discover”, he of course to gobble up directly, will not far from the seven one hundred thousand spirit beast over soul force is learnt in the past, as the soul force, his left arm was gradually restored, now make the evil eyes st Wang Hetang three was a great shock to them!Eritrea’s recovery from the left arm, and no more nonsense, mouth energy condenses, apparently to enlarge recruit, this is to let his evil eyes st Wang Hetang three they see him, then he vomit a nine you very flame attack, evil eyes saint king also dare not to use white tiger against the strong light, this is a real fairy to fight!With evil eyes saint king to wave, unexpectedly is urban one-sided, nine of his deep and remote evil spirit flame directly to the white tiger fierce light waves and evil eyes saint king I swallowed up, then white tiger fierce wavelengths dissipate, evil eyes white tiger be nine evil spirit flame hit directly, because Dai Mu white body is too weak, as the evil eyes saint king cannot survive, then the evil eyes disappeared, the man at theOnly dai Mu white was left to fly out of the heavy blow.I did not expect that Wue could be so powerful, although the king of evil eyes is not in full bloom, but its strength is quite horrible, but I did not expect that it is still not wue’s enemy!Ma Hongjun caught the inverted flying Dai Mu White, but the result was connected with a kick to fly, two people on the ground was beaten back far to stop.Dai Mu white fell to the ground in a coma, now angered the bamboo qing, she glared at him, and launched an attack directly to him, did not think of a foot directly hit the chest of no er, but this is not no er hide not open, there is no need to escape, in his view, bamboo qing attack as tickling general!Bamboo qing kicked out of the long legs have not had time to recover, was no er hand to catch, he taunt bamboo Qing is a small cat, and grabbed her leg to the side with a throw, bamboo Qing was hit in the mountain, a hill so broken, bamboo Qing also injured not light.This is not over, no er directly use strong spirit to suppress small dance they, in addition to tang three all people can not bear the spirit of repression, have to lie on the ground, this is no er strong place, have a strong spirit and swallowing ability, tang three they and all the soul beast are just his nourishment!Today, seven spirit beast was one hundred thousand seconds to kill, small white hit, evil eyes saint king also can’t again come, friends also noted in the tang three eyes that tang three very desperate, tang three two-man world, in addition to the previous suicide while he was offering the sacrifices, and this little dance he had felt so desperate, so much so that he kneel directly to the ground and didn’t know what to do!However, at this time, dance to speak, tang three can reach this point today, in addition to their own talent and efforts, he relies on the dance to insist on, dance at this time are difficult to speak, but still said the “wrong” two words, is the two words to tang three cheer up.Tang three cheer up, he began to glower at no, although little dance said is only a simple two words, but he has understood the meaning of the little dance, he thinks the world is not what he said, obviously he began to mouth dun, but from the point of view of the soul force of his body, he also want to launch a big move!Dou Luo mainland: Tang three encounter life and death crisis, evil eyes saint king hands, strength is closer to god than no er this article here, the above are my personal views, do not like spray!If you like Weiyang, you can click on the upper right corner to follow me. Your likes and support are the biggest encouragement for me.This article is created by “Man weiyang”, found plagiarism will protect their rights, just in the end, if you need to reprint please indicate the source oh ~

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