Help farmers public service advertising | this year, you buy “wide”?The sugarcane here in Tianzhu county is super sweet…

In recent days, Tianzhu County Fengcheng street aircraft dam sugarcane industry ushered in the sales season.In recent years, tianzhu county relies on the unique geographical conditions, planting sugarcane juicy sweet by many people welcome, with the improvement of farmers planting technology, tianzhu sugarcane quality, sweetness has been improved.If individuals or businesses are interested in buying sugarcane, they can go to the local field and choose their own sugarcane.Retail price 1 yuan/catty, large quantity can be negotiated.Location: Tianzhu Fengcheng Street plane dam contact: Pan Min Tel: 18185525572 Guizhou Daily Sky eye news reporter Pan Deyu editor Jiang Peicen editor Chen Sun Hai

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