Pig farm kill fly does not use medicine, use white sugar!If a fly gets dirty, how should it be used?

The two “biggest headaches” of pig farms are flies and mosquitoes.Although flies do not bite pigs and do not directly harm them, they carry a large number of pathogens.When there are leftover materials, especially wet mixes, they quickly become moldy and deteriorate after contact with flies.If pigs eat mouldy and spoiled feed for a long time, it can lead to mycotoxin poisoning in pigs, such as miscarriage of sows, bleeding spots on sows’ backs, and no estrus after weaning.In addition, flies fly around during the day and land on the resting pigs, which will seriously affect the rest of the pigs.If the pig is not well rested, the feed to meat ratio will increase and the daily gain will decrease, which will seriously affect the growth rate of the pig.Pig farms in many areas are in close proximity to each other.These days, even though they’re separated by a wall, we have to do a good job of killing flies.Most pig farmers are used to killing flies with fly medicine, either by spraying or feeding.As the saying goes, medicine is poisonous.Exposure to fly-killing drugs may cause some harm to pigs.Therefore, the author thinks that the best way to kill flies is to use the most traditional method, the use of flies like sweet habit, with white sugar as medicine, let flies fall down.Formula 1: sugar + imidacloprid.This is spread, which is to mix sugar and imidacloprid in a certain proportion (the proportion is optional, not too demanding) and then put it in a place where there are a lot of flies and you can see a big death after a while.Imidacloprid is a kind of nicotinoid insecticide with broad spectrum, high efficiency, low toxicity and low residue.When exposed to pesticides, flies and pests block their central nerve conduction, eventually becoming paralyzed and dying.Recipe 2: sugar + washing powder.According to this request, mix sugar and laundry in a ratio of 1,333,601, then add the appropriate amount of water to stir well, then put the solution in a basin, and put it in an area where there are many flies.If the flies eat a high concentration of laundry, they die.Even if they don’t get eaten, they can’t fly, fall into the basin, and still die.And it only costs a few dollars at a time.

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