Putin must admit defeat!Outraged, America plans to impose a “ban” on Russia, and a bill is on the way

According to THE U.S. media, the U.S. sanctions against Russia will soon be ripe after various preparations have been completed.After Joe biden, the government more than two months of operation, now Mr Putin has been discredit has become “invaders”, their every move has been in preparation for the invasion of Ukraine, especially the recent action exercises are more sorrow can’t find excuse for us to see the breakthroughs, directly ordered the withdrawal of embassy in Russia, and suggests that citizens from leaving the country in the Ukraine,Put on a “ready for battle” posture.In this tense standoff, the source said, any SANCTIONS initiated by the United States “to prevent Russian aggression in Ukraine” would become compelling, so they have already begun to act.Reuters and several other media outlets reported yesterday that the Biden administration is preparing an “export rule” for Russia that would involve blocking the supply of key components to Russian industry from multiple countries through international controls.The AIM is to undermine Russia’s strategic industries, including artificial intelligence, quantum computing and civil aerospace.In addition, the United States is considering restricting the export of chips and products with integrated circuits to Russia, according to officials briefed on the matter.Even if in overseas production of goods, as long as it is used in the production process of software and technology, it shall not be shipped to Russia, Russia’s production and life will be significantly affected, and even in my life the use of smart phones, planes and automotive parts will be “embargo” around the world, biden to set up a trigger condition:When the U.S. thinks Putin has “decided to invade Ukraine” (the conditional trigger is entirely up to the U.S. “mood”).At first glance many of these tools are very familiar, that is before the U.S. government to deal with huawei to this one: first, with their advantages of public opinion “conviction”, then pressing from the United States or the United States Allies, are no more applicable free trade agreement of WTO, to contain the technical field of chips, key parts sold to huawei, the supply of cutting technology.Now the United States intends to copy this set, taking advantage of Putin’s “intention to invade Ukraine” good opportunity to give Russia the embargo key technology blockade.Analysts said the move would be a “dilemma” for EU countries, which are heavily dependent on Russia for resources and are increasingly looking to develop bilateral trade opportunities.If they accept the U.S. bill, they could suffer trade losses and be subject to counteractions by Russia.If they don’t implement it and still sell these things to Russia after the ban starts, they will be under pressure from the US and they will not be doing it properly in any way.It is worth mentioning that this bill has not been formally introduced, and the United States has released the news in advance for the purpose of threatening Putin, using this kind of “throat” way to make Russia give in.European media is generally believed that the United States and Russia in the middle of this month the negotiation meeting, Russia is expected to concessions in the United States, to withdraw from the soldiers at the border of Ukraine and directed belarus contraction strategy, but the reality is that do not have the too many chips Russia showed unusually tough stance, the threat to the United States must withdraw troops and cancel expansion into eastern Europe,This, of course, was deemed “unacceptable” by the United States, which devised a new way to force Russia to comply.

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