15 blues songs to make you feel lazy

Today’s 15 blues, one song at a time, lets you find the languid feeling.”Don’t touch B.B. King” is a popular song by B.B. King, the King of blues. It has no lyrics, but the whole song has a very distinctive urban blues style.B.B. King was the Michael Jackson of the blues, bringing the blues to the world.Moreover, his music always makes people feel a sense of freedom, enjoyment and relaxation, getting rid of the melancholic label of classical blues and forming the style of urban blues.The best spice for Work is the Blues Band, and “Work Song” captures the Blues in everyone’s heart.With its breezy melody and resonant lyrics, this song is the perfect time to pour out your negative emotions and stay calm and graceful in the face of even the most stressful tasks.The most special and soul of the whole song is the blues harmonica. The whole song is accompanied by only one harmonica. With the unique timbre of the blues harmonica, the whole song is playful and angry.In addition, the blues harmonica technique at the beginning is very ear-grabbing and makes people sway uncontrollably with the rhythm.The song “La Vie En RoseLouis Armstrong” is not exactly a blues song. It’s an adaptation of a song with blues elements. It’s from the movie “La Vie En RoseLouis Armstrong.”The tune of the original song had a laid-back and relaxed feel, but Lewis added saxophone and drumming to make the song more modern and elegant.Combined with Louis’s distinctive smoky voice, the song is like a street singer singing memories of love.Lie To MeJonny Lang This song was written by Jonny Lang when he was 16 years old. In fact, in recent years, fewer and fewer people play blues, and even fewer young people play blues.The style of this song is very pure blues style, so that some people commented “this song style is too old, I thought it was composed by a famous artist.”And the whole song rhythm is distinct, rhythm drums with bass, really shaking legs can not stop.One of the soul instruments of the blues is the guitar. The guitar is an instrument that is easy to get started on but hard to learn. SRV is one of the masters of the guitar industry, and his songs show you how to play the guitar.This song uses electric guitar and bass as accompaniment. In addition to the electric guitar is very wonderful in the song, the bass design of this song is also very colorful, which makes people imagine a dull image of coqueness. Although it does not show off, it is also full of coqueness.Why Are People Like That?The rhythm of the song Junior Wells is a classic blues rhythm, which has a sense of rhythm and is not too slow.It’s written on 1111-4411-5411, the so-called 12-bar blues, and it’s written on notes in the blues scale or pentatonic scale, and that’s the accepted pattern for the blues, and this is the classic blues song.Junior Wells was a great blues player (December 9, 1934 — January 15, 1998) who made numerous recordings during his long career, was once known as the Blues God, and was a true Chicago blues legend.Blue 3rdJean-Jacques Milteau. This is a song without lyrics. In fact, Yin thinks that songs without lyrics can be more distinctive.Blues 3 rd actually said is Bruce third hole inspiratory pressure chromatic, the sound is very blues, is a sign of different blues harmonica and other instruments, the soul is the blues harmonica (bending) soul of the chromatic pore pressure (3) the song is the blues harmonica as the main instrument, with the bass drum collocation as pad, and even just a simple melody is repeated,You can also hear the joy of shaking your feet.Guess if I finished the electric guitar at the beginning of Continental BluesMighty Mo Rodgers’ music, and then entered the slightly dumb male voice, the feeling of blues suddenly came out.The lyrics of this song are also very interesting, the British as a cook, the German as a policeman, the French as an architect…Every combination has a bit of a mixed bag vibe.And at the end, it just stops, which is interesting.This is a really amazing song, because you don’t usually hear the blues on piano, and you don’t usually hear it in male and female duets.This song has both of them. Obviously, the lyrics are different words, but the melody is such that people want to fall in love, which makes people feel the regret and helplessness of love but not and love but not.SurrenderTinsley Eill this is a love song, SurrenderTinsley Eill this is a love song, SurrenderTinsley Eill this is a love song.To Xiaoyin, the song is just like the English version of “Conquer”, but it is more ambiguous emotionally, with a helpless feeling of falling in love with each other.Compared with many blues, this song is much more easy to listen to, and the repeated melody can easily form memory points, which is similar to the refrain of pop music. Those who have not heard blues can listen to this song.I’m not stupid, I just happen to Love you FoolOlivia Ong this song should be familiar to many people, or have heard other versions of it, but Xiao Yin thinks this one is the best.Don’t listen to the lyrics singing a kind of charming taste, listen carefully found is in the request to love don’t go, even pretend to also hope to continue in the side.How many people have because of love, become humble, become low posture.As Zhang Ailing once wrote, “Seeing him, she became very low, low to the dust, but her heart is happy, from the dust out of flowers.”But it is also enviable courage to put aside consideration and ask your lover not to leave you.”Don’t Know WhyNorah Jones” is a very niche female blues song with comfortable harmonies and a mature female vocal that is as good to listen to as many big blues songs.Moreover, the song uses piano as the main accompaniment instrument, which is a “clean stream” of blues music compared to other songs.Ray Charles was the King of soul music. He combined the spirit of Gospel music with blues music and is often referred to as the father of soul music.In 1954, Charles recorded his first composition, “I Got A Woman, “which led to the creation of A new musical style called blues Soul.Charles quickly popularized the style with his deep, magnetic voice.The style Charles created, combining the varied rhythms of RHYTHM and blues with Gospel music, quickly spread throughout the music industry and was loved by music fans.Time magazine said, “All modern singers could learn something from him.”Traditional blues music was epitomized by Bessie Smith, an African-American singer who was active in the 1920s and 1930s.She was the first blues and jazz singer to record and had a great influence on future generations of blues singers. She is known as the queen of blues.The king of the modern Blues kingdom is B.B.King, whose distinctive little vibrato when singing is one of his trademarks.He is also very expressive when singing, good at using different tunes to interpret the same line of lyrics.His music has always been able to make people feel a sense of freedom, enjoyment, relaxed, rid of the melancholic label of classical blues, formed the style of urban blues.I wonder what blues music inker has in his collection?15 Songs of blues, Definitely sexy Killer

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