Beijing daily for 60 tons of round eggplant planting into Hebei Suning farmers to get rich “black treasure”

Cangzhou, March 30, China News NetworkOn the morning of 30 Days, liu Shuangqian came to the greenhouse in the south village of Yuan Cheng, Suning County, Cangzhou City, Hebei Province, and began to pick “black treasure” round eggplant.”More than five tons have been harvested since January.”Liu shuangqian said that he has been planting round eggplant in the south village of Yuan Cheng for many years. So far, he has built two solar greenhouses and seven spring and autumn greenhouses, with an annual income of more than 100,000 yuan.Hebei Suning “black treasure” round eggplant because of its tender flesh, good taste, best-selling Beijing, Baoding, Cangzhou and other places.During the picking season, the average daily supply of round eggplant to the Beijing market can reach 60 tons.Wall city south village in the North town and the surrounding area is suning County round eggplant core planting area.According to yuan Chengnan village party branch secretary Gao Guang planted, only yuan Chengnan village has more than 130 solar greenhouse greenhouses, more than 80 spring and autumn shed planting round eggplant.”Two kinds of greenhouse per mu yield, greenhouse round eggplant in the middle of February listed, spring and autumn greenhouse round eggplant to may and June listed, so the wrong season production, better benefit.”Gao Guang planted said, round eggplant planting has become the main source of income for local villagers, become the villagers to get rich “black treasure”.Reporters learned from suning County Bureau of Agriculture and Rural areas, because of the wide planting area, large market share, in 2016, the Chinese Vegetable circulation Association awarded Suning County “The town of Round eggplant in China” title.Up to now, Suning county round eggplant planting area has reached more than 10 thousand mu, per mu average annual yield of about 10 thousand kilograms, led to more than 2000 farmers income.In the round eggplant harvest season, 9 o ‘clock to 12 o ‘clock every morning, is the most busy day of the north town Day kang agricultural wholesale market, farmers to harvest the round eggplant unified to the market, after strict grading sorting, according to different quality classification package sent to each place.”The daily supply of round eggplant to Beijing is now nearly 60 tons, and the supply will increase as the production increases with warmer weather.”Day kang fruit and vegetable planting professional cooperative director Zhang Xipo said.In recent years, suning county focus on rural revitalization in important position, to vigorously develop the circular in tomato, leek, characteristic such as Chinese herbal medicine planting, encourage the land circulation, establish cooperation organization, a registered association, construction industry base and wholesale market, actively guide farmers into the club to standardize production, make form the “company + peasant household” model, to drive more than 10000 households farmers’ income to get rich.(after)

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