I learned my life experience from the temple

Once I went to the temple in Guishan Park, I was a very sensitive person. I was very sensitive to the environment and people, just like observing every detail.Just into the front door, is a big censer, censer has a sense of age, be rain, be in the sun, that precipitate the history of the feeling of crossing the vicissituded times, censer burned incense densely lying in the ash, the root behind is a sincere desire to pray.For marriage, for children, for wealth, peace of mind, peace of mind…Suddenly, I feel that bodhisattva is very difficult. It should be detailed to each person, and what we should manage is the fate of each of them.If I were a bodhisattva, I’d be on strike within an hour.Go into the main hall, inside the left and right, respectively, there are several Buddha Temples.Each of them looked like the most evil face in the world.If the wicked into the temple so will be shocked, can enter the temple of the vast majority of the people are good, the wicked have their own wicked that set, they do not believe in ghosts and gods.How can we live there?I was also a disbeliever, and I left the Christianity I had always believed in.Believe in materialism and Marxist philosophy.However, I suddenly realized that there is something I can do nothing about in this world. That is, all I have is given to me by fate. My strength is not my strength, but luck’s blessing.Without that luck, I am nothing, nothing.In the past, I understood the objective laws in philosophy as “Tao”, the tao te Ching.Everyone lives in the tao.When I got to the temple, it was like another door opened for me.It makes me realize that the world is not binary, right and wrong, right and wrong, black and white.It’s not like good and evil are so distinct.Just like what philosophy said in the past, when equivalent change reaches a certain level, qualitative change will occur, and my cognition is the accumulation of “quantitative change” and the supplement of practical experience, so the equivalent reaches a certain level, and then produces a qualitative leap.Enlightenment must come about under certain opportunities.Temple is quite a town, is a spiritual sustenance.Speaking from modern materialism, temple culture is actually to find a comfort for the soul.The gods in temples are equivalent to spreading the saying of “strange forces and disorderly gods”, but the temples in the south have always been a trend of a large number, which has an inseparable relationship with the customs of southerners and the local environment.For example, when I was in Fujian, an elder sister in my office believed in Buddhism. She believed in it because she often went on business trips. Every time after a downpour, rocks would fall on the road to Shaxian, and one coach would be killed on the spot.She reveres nature, so she believes in these things, which is the instinctive response of people when facing the insignificance and helplessness of life.Falling rocks are an objective fact, like a mathematical probability.The road of Fujian is along the river or the mountain. Falling rocks can be said to be a certain fact, but when falling is a question of probability. As for who falls on the head, it is like God throwing dice.I have been in Fujian for 10 years and I have seen a lot of people and things.I used to wonder, but then I understood.All this is like a game arranged by heaven.In the second year of my coming, there came a man from Shaanxi province who looked very like my elder brother. He took good care of others, especially me, at dinner, which gave me a kind of warmth of home.I suddenly couldn’t remember his name as I was writing, and I don’t know if it was because people died.The last time I saw him was at a friend’s wedding and I called him by the wrong name. He looked at me with a big smile and walked in.Then one summer holiday, one night during the flood season, he rode his motorcycle across the Bridge and fell straight into the river and was swept away. A few kilometers downstream, he was found hooked to his motorcycle and dragged down by it.I often wonder if he hadn’t dropped off his walkie-talkie that night, how much better our families would be now that we’re married and have kids.Or, don’t ride his bike when he drops him off. He’s on a poncho and he’s on a bike and he got swept off.It would be fine if I didn’t ride my bike.There is a saying in Tao Te Ching that those who dare will kill, and those who dare not will live.To dare means to be reckless, to be brave, to do things without regard to the consequences.Those who have the courage to show personal courage generally die, while those who have the courage to know that they can overcome strength with softness survive.This sentence reminds me of what he said at the dinner party, which probably means the description of the future prospect. There is a kind of arrogance and disdain in his words at that time, thinking that the whole world is his own. I can see that he is doing everything bravely, but I dare not say anything.Only later did not expect to end all this with such a big price.The dead should not be judged, as if it were disrespectful of the dead.Unintentionally used to illustrate some point, seems to be a kind of blasphemy.10 years really confirmed a lot of lessons learned before.The older I get, the more I am in awe of the world.

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