Mental health “cloud” counseling, ease the mood to help learning

Xinbei Primary School in Qinghemen district has invited professor Xiao Wenxue, a psychological expert from Liaoning Technical University, and other professionals to carry out “cloud” counseling on mental health in order to help students gain more benefits from online learning.Psychological tutorial to epidemic of anxiety and resolving countermeasure as the theme, from professional Angle to all the teachers and students and parents in detail what is usually the sign of anxiety, epidemic of anxiety and the resolving countermeasure and so on, focuses on how to use regular schedule, optimizing the learning environment, in the form of exercise that occupy the home, household labor and self adjusting, and enhance working ability and learning efficiency.In addition, psychological counseling classes are also taught on effective ways to relieve anxiety through physical breathing, using easy-to-understand language for students to understand.On this basis, the school also adopted reasonable arrangements for work and rest time, adjusted teaching content and promoted physical exercise to ensure the quality of online teaching and effectively link up with the resumption of classes.Source: Fuxin News website

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