Anhui cuts administrative expenses and introduces 12 measures to tighten its grip

Hefei, April 6 (reporter Wu LAN) built provinces and counties through the government public goods warehouse, the full use of network and other information means to carry out training, printing documents must be double-sided printing, meetings do not issue file bags and other office supplies…Anhui Province department of Finance issued “on further practice of austerity adhere to a number of measures” (referred to as “measures”) notice, out of the control of administrative expenses to reduce twelve specific measures, resolutely practice thrift, against extravagance and waste, really will be a tight life requirements put into practice.According to the measures, all documents and materials that need to be printed shall be printed on both sides, and the printing quantity and distribution scope shall be strictly controlled.In principle, color printing is not allowed, except for the official seal of the inset header of individual charts.According to the measures, the management of official receptions should be strengthened, same-city receptions should not be allowed, canteen of the company should be preferred as the reception venue, and the number of dining companions should not exceed three.In the aspect of strict control of travel expenses, travel tasks in the same period and region should be combined in principle to reduce the frequency and number of business trips.We will improve investigation and research, make overall arrangements for research activities, simplify escort and reception, and reduce the number of accompanying staff at all levels.In terms of strict control of conference fees, in principle, meetings shall not be held for the work that can be issued and deployed;Leading cadres do not bring assistants to the meeting, and the same unit across the county (city) participants are not more than 1 person.Reduce the cost of meeting, do not issue file bags, notebooks, pens and other office supplies, strictly prohibit in the name of meeting service guarantee and other illegal subsidies.In terms of promoting asset sharing, we will make full use of digital means to build government warehouses connecting provinces, cities and counties by the end of 2022. If assets in public warehouses can meet the use needs of units, they will be transferred from public warehouses.We will encourage universities, hospitals, research institutions and other institutions to share large instruments and equipment, and improve equipment efficiency.In strengthening financial supervision, it is strictly prohibited to reimburse expenses that exceed the scope, standards and have nothing to do with related official activities.We will strengthen the monitoring of the whole process of the use of funds before, during and after the event, and resolutely put an end to acts such as “appropriation for expenditure”, imaginary expenditure and embezzlement.

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