“Anti-drug publicity” Liutun town, Xiuwen County, Guizhou launched an anti-drug publicity campaign

On February 14, xiuwen county anti-drug office and Liutun town anti-drug office jointly organized anti-drug volunteers to carry out anti-drug prevention education activities.In the process of entering the house, the staff carefully explain to the masses the harm of drugs to individuals, families and society, remind the masses to be careful to make friends, do not easily try unknown items, learn to identify the third generation of drugs with strong concealability, such as “love fairy water, psychedelic dry mushrooms, confused milk tea powder, rainbow cigarettes”.We call on the public to practice a healthy, drug-free life and refrain from taking drugs, planting drugs, producing drugs and selling drugs.More than 70 copies of anti-drug laws and regulations and anti-drug cards were distributed to more than 210 people.We will further consolidate and enhance the public’s awareness of drug awareness, prevention, resistance and drug control, and create a good social atmosphere for drug control.

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