“Yunnan Spring” is selling well overseas

The Spring Festival is just around the corner, and the atmosphere of Kunming is still strong. As the name card of the spring city, all kinds of flowers also continue to maintain the sales peak, and the domestic and foreign trade market is hot.In the customs supervision area of Kunming Changshui International Airport, boxes of fresh roses, carnations, lilies and other fresh cut flowers are “ready to be shipped” by cargo flights to overseas markets such as Japan, South Korea and Malaysia.In order to ensure that the export fresh cut flowers are less damaged by logistics and keep longer viewing cycle, Kunming Customs is close to the service of enterprises, creating a “green channel for export of cloud flowers”, guaranteeing the rapid customs clearance of fresh cut flowers all day long, and helping multi-colored cloud flowers “blossom” in overseas market.Since January this year, 591 batches of fresh cut flowers with a value of 21.84 million yuan have been exported through Kunming Changshui Airport, up 20% and 74% respectively year-on-year.”Every year around the Spring Festival, flowers are popular and our business is very busy.Export flowers have high requirements for freshness, so they don’t sell at a good price.However, a series of facilitation measures introduced by the customs, from declaration to inspection, are efficient and convenient, ensuring the freshness of flowers to the greatest extent, which makes our enterprises very relieved.”Kunming qiaofeng flowers trade company said.Kunming Customs optimized and integrated the supervision process of fresh cut flowers and provided full time and all-round customs clearance services.According to the processing and packaging schedule of enterprises before export, the quarantine supervision should be moved to the processing and packaging process, the sampling and testing time should be reduced, and the speed of issuing licenses and releasing should be accelerated to ensure the smooth progress of enterprises’ sales plans.Even export products that arrive at the airport late at night reach overseas markets by dawn the next day.”We made to the enterprise ‘7 * 24 hours’ customs security commitments, in addition, also play a role of customs clearance guides actively, through establishing enterprise WeChat group of customs clearance policy guidance to enterprises, public contact phone number, at the scene of the logistics check to ensure that the enterprise can find 24 hours, contact, make enterprise run less, make customs clearance more convenient.”Kunming Changshui Airport customs port supervision section chief Zhang Ye introduced.On February 14, the reporter learned from the China Railway Kunming Bureau Group Co., LTD., since February, with the Lantern Festival and other festivals approaching, yunnan railway luggage trucks have delivered more than 100 tons of flowers, of which the weight of high-speed rail transport increased by 900% year on year, mainly sent to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Urumqi and other more than 20 cities.”This year’s Lunar New Year’s Eve flower sales are hot, coupled with the arrival of subsequent festivals, many flower shops have been sold out, obviously in short supply, flower prices are higher than in previous years, the market demand for high-quality flowers is increasingly strong.”Kunming city dounan flower trade market flower shop director Li introduced.Walking into Kunming Station, passengers were bustling with flowers in their hands and brimming with joy.On the platform, a carload of packed flowers are loaded onto luggage cars and transported to major cities with passengers. Kunming Station alone has an average of more than 200 batches of flowers every day, nearly 400 pieces of flowers arrive at the station for consignment.It is reported that the railway department adopts the way of combining passenger transport and freight transport with flowers. In order to compress the transport time of flowers, it gives priority to arranging the loading plan of flowers. In view of the characteristics of larger flower packaging and non-pressure resistance of goods, it timely arranges labor and meticulously organizes loading to avoid damage when loading flowers.Responsible editor: Miao Chen

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