6 years assure renew protect, cast loose to second liver, tuberculosis, how is this medical treatment insurance guaranteed?

The older you get, the more afraid you are to go to the hospital. In case of serious illness, you will face high hospitalization costs.And millions of medical insurance can reimburse high medical expenses, effectively solve the problem of “expensive medical treatment”.Most of the million medical insurance is bought for a year, so the long-term stable renewal of the million medical insurance has been very popular, even if the physical illness can continue to buy.The near future, a 6 years assure renew protect, to small 3 this world, lung nodule is cast protect loose Rui Hua to protect to add a line, its safeguard after all how?Let’s take a look.Ruihua health insurance plus, how about security?Ruihua health insurance adds the insurance occupation is very loose, only a few high-risk occupation can not buy, we sorted out its security, a look: overall, Ruihua health insurance adds security is more comprehensive, we summed up ruihua health insurance adds two characteristics, look together.Feature 1: Guaranteed renewal of insurance for 6 years ruihua Insurance plus can guarantee renewal of insurance for 6 years. During this period, even if the product stops selling, you can continue to buy, and the protection will not be affected.(Ruihua Insurance plus terms) But it should be noted that if this product is still sold after the expiration of 6 years, the purchase can only be continued after the approval of the insurance company.If it has stopped selling, it also needs to be approved by the insurance company to insure the designated products, but there is no waiting period for the re-insured products, which can be directly guaranteed.(Ruihua Health Insurance plus terms) can also guarantee the renewal of good health insurance, after the expiration of 6 years, the renewal of insurance does not need to be reviewed, even if the product stops selling, it can be renewed to the designated product without health notice, without waiting period.Look so, the renewal after ruihua health insurance adds period keeps the condition, did not have so good relatively.Features 2: loose insurance if the insurance before the detection of pulmonary nodules or hepatitis B small three Yang, most of the million medical insurance will be refused or excluded underwriting.And this product is relatively loose, lung nodules more than 3 years or hepatitis B small three Yang, as long as the intelligent underwriting, there is a chance to normal underwriting.Let’s take a look at the questions the smart underwriting page will ask if you have pulmonary nodules.If it meets the above conditions, it can be insured normally.In addition, it can also protect the plasma heavy ion treatment and purchased drugs, high-risk occupation can also be insured, protection is still good, but compared with other products, it is worth choosing?Let’s take a look.Ruihua health insurance plus, is it worth choosing?Conclusion: We can give priority to e-care and free medical care, which can guarantee renewal of insurance for 20 years, and 100% reimbursement of purchased drugs. However, friends aged 56 to 65 need physical examination.If you are worried about abnormal physical examination, you can consider the 20-year version or the 6-year version of medical insurance within the age of 60. These two products have good protection. The former can guarantee renewal for 20 years, and the latter can share 10,000 yuan deductible for 6 years, and the renewal conditions are also very good.And friends over the age of 65, there are not many products to choose from, you can consider enjoying E-health 2022, although it is a one-year million medical insurance, but the protection is very comprehensive, insurance age is very loose, the maximum age of 70 can also be insured.Answer questions part has bought millions of medical insurance friends, after reading millions of medical insurance evaluation articles often have such questions: Q: bought a year of millions of medical insurance should not be changed to protect long-term?Long-term health care security and stability, many users around the world before you consider replacing one-year product configuration, replacing products tend to have the following two cases: if the body in good condition, conform to the new health told, can consider to change the insurance products for a long time, but when you change after the waiting period of new products to surrender the old products, so as to avoid interruption.If the physical condition is general, can not pass the new health notice: it can not be replaced, can consider supplementing the configuration of lifelong cancer prevention medical insurance, although only to protect cancer, but can have a stable guarantee for life.The configuration of insurance must combine the actual situation of oneself, must not follow blindly, the product that suits him only just is good product.Write in the last overall, Ruihua insurance overall protection is good, although the renewal conditions are general, but suitable for friends with pulmonary nodules or hepatitis B small three Yang, healthy friends can give priority to other products, such as E enjoy care – enjoy free medical care, etc..In the future, if we are ill and hospitalized, millions of medical insurance can save us a large sum of expenses. In addition, accident insurance, serious illness insurance and term life insurance are also very important. It is suggested to have a budget for their own security, so as to transfer the risk caused by disease or accident.If today’s share is useful to you, click a “like” at the bottom of the article, and welcome to forward to friends and relatives in need.Any questions, please leave a comment 🙂

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