China’s stock market: the stock market really good people, have the characteristics of patience to wait

To do complex things easily, to do simple things seriously, that is the road to success.The stock market is a more fair place, here do not look at the body, do not look at the age, do not look at the background, only see you have ability.The stock market has dozens of stocks daily trading limit, every day is changing the fate of countless people, the stock market is a tricky attack, the stock market let millions of people have the dream of wealth and freedom, this is the charm of the stock market.The biggest difference between winners and losers is whether they know what to do.Wealth and money are only tools, like chopsticks.No one will be proud of a pair of chopsticks, and no one will be proud of a great fortune.Wealth doesn’t mean anything.Because money, wealth and trade are just passing by.Even ordinary chopsticks used for two meals are not as good as ordinary chopsticks.Just as a painter must have a brush to paint a masterpiece handed down from generation to generation;To write an idea for generations, people in finance must use a trading brush.Life is like the stock market, and the stock market is like life.A quote from the stock market: “The stock market is ruled by fear and greed.”Investors’ fear and greed are human weaknesses. These psychological barriers set their own traps and frustrate investors.There are two weaknesses in life: fear and greed. They always plague our every move.Those who are out of balance, impetuous and aggressive tend to fall victim to greed, while those who lose a sense of the internal and external factors of good news tend to fall into the trap of fear.From a rational point of view, the highest we can aspire to is to be unhappy, not to be lost, not to be spoiled, not to be afraid of being insulted.In trading, failure is the norm.Some of these failures are due to our ignorance of the market, our greed, our fear, etc.The difficult thing is not failure, but reflection after failure!Is to learn from failure so that you don’t trade again in the future!If you can’t learn from failure, from the experience that you should have, then your failure will be in vain, then your failure will continue, then you will still get the ultimate failure!If you want to continue to make profits in the market, your approach had better be professional and extremely disciplined.Successful traders depend on correct buying, correct position management, correct selling.In order to be successful, you have to be persistent. Those who deal smart can last long, while those who gamble don’t.Another year, the stock market because of a small broad and wonderful, why not give yourself a long holiday.What the market teaches us is actually a state of mind: life is like a journey, you don’t have to care about the destination, what you care about is the scenery along the way, and the mood to see the scenery.Miyamoto Musashi said: people do not have the way can not be enlightened, people do not work hard can not be lucky!According to the entanglement theory, if the yellow and white lines of the daily MACD move above axis 0, they belong to the operational zone.2, MACD bottom deviation from the stock price hit a new low, but MACD green column does not create a new stage low, this is the basic definition of MACD bottom deviation: 3, MACD top deviation from the stock price hit a new stage high, but MACD red column does not create a new stage high, this is the basic definition of MACD top deviation:4. The stock price of MACD aerial refueling is on the rise, and the stock price breaks through the previous new high. At this time, the trading volume is gradually increasing, DEA and DIFF lines are getting closer but do not intersect.Two lines up divergent time is the opportunity to enter the market, there will be a sharp rise in prices.End of the stock selection method: the first step: judge the market we put the market on the 15 minutes of THE K chart out, if 2:30 in the afternoon, 15 minutes of the K chart is in the rising trend, we have the opportunity to enter the stock in the late.On the other hand, if the market is down all day, and the k-chart we look for is 2 points later, if there is a probe on the 15-minute K-chart, then we can find a similar stock entry pattern operation.[Note: if the market has a big decline, we do not enter the stock selection operation, the basic second day of the stock is low] end of the stock selection method of the second step:Stock selection conditions, amplitude within 5% 2, circulation market value under 20 billion in three or more than 3%, within 20 days harden board trend history four, than in 1.2 more than 5, to comply with the above conditions of individual stocks added to customize plate inside, click on the pace of ranking, keep pace in between 1 to 3 stocks late in the stock selection method of the third step:1, platform breakthrough 2, the main wave on the attack 3, back to step on the support of the form of choice, we look at the time map, shares at this time the white line is back to step on the yellow line is not broken and in the rising trend, and continue to have a large single approach, this is the strong stock we want to buy at the end of the day, the next day can be high profit high throw.Making your own rules and holding yourself accountable is just the first step on the road to success.You know there have to be rules, and you make them, and then you’re disappointed that it’s so hard to follow them.Quotes from the stock market: “The stock market is ruled by fear and greed.”The investor’s fear and greed are the weakness of human nature. The trap set by these psychological obstacles makes the investor fail to return.At any time can not have the thought of slack, otherwise in your most relaxed time, may be the crisis comes.A man is relatively safe in adversity, but very dangerous in prosperity.Perhaps everything goes without saying, take this small gift of a suitable ancient poem to the people: li Li huang Yun dayxun, the north wind blowing wild goose snow in abundance.Don’t worry about the road ahead without friends, the world who do not know you.Trading warning: repeat: be responsible for your own trading;An unprejudiced mentality;Self-confidence;Get emotional.In situations that affect emotional peace, such as winning or losing money;After major losses, the corresponding mental gymnastics, so that the mood of peace;Stop loss: BEFORE I enter into any position, I have a stop loss in advance.I would not be surprised if any trading position failed.You also need to rebuild your mind when you are afraid of trading and overtrading.Realize the way of practice, mingxin see nature.Enlightenment is the way to know the mandate of heaven, practice and take the truth.The competition among traders is not about techniques or systems, but about ideas, philosophies and ways of trading, which determine the behavior, techniques and results of trading.

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