Hainan these good places to play, contract your early spring travel

Spring is shining, all things are reviving, spring is coming in Hainan. The peak of vacation travel has been too fast. Take advantage of this time to go out to travel.In the south of Wuzhizhou Island, Houhai Village, Haitang District, Sanya city, Queen Bay is the best surfing resort with clear water and big waves, attracting many surfing enthusiasts to experience it.Here has the island fishing village of simple and lazy, but also full of young people’s fresh vitality, it is worth going ~ the sea breeze is slightly blowing, the sun shines, the footsteps of spring, here can be captured.Tianya Town Address: Maling Village, Tianya District, Sanya City, tianya Town, blue and white buildings everywhere, every corner can meet the children’s fun murals, every street can lead to the seaside.Tender green branches and leaves, blooming bougainvillea, all highlight the beauty of spring, add a different charm to the spring in Hainan.No.03 Yundong Library address:Haikou longhua district road no. 1 century square cloud cave library is located in the seaside, standing in the distance, its architectural appearance would completely upset you the cognition to the bookstore, the surface wave on the whole, every hole is a new space, bring infinite daydream to the person, the museum environment is very comfortable, can enjoy reading, watching the sea here…When you set foot on Shenyu Island, you will be shocked by the picturesque fairyland in front of you.Leisurely stroll in god jade Island, looking ahead, the green mountains came into view, looking at the scenery in front of you, the mood has become very comfortable, the lake occasionally flying a few birds, seems to be in the arrival of early spring.NO.05 Boundary Island Address: Lingshui Li Autonomous County Hainan Island east line high-speed Niuling exit came to boundary Island not only to explore the mysterious undersea world, but also free to play water sports, experience the excitement of heaven into the sea!Play tired walk on the beach, enjoy the island scenery, or take the island sightseeing battery car card network red land, love coast, moonlight castle, about the wind pavilion……Shoot a few groups of photo, harvest is full of good mood.Address: Tou Yangxia Village, Dongying Town, Lingao County came here, daze become a very beautiful thing.Listening quietly to the sound of the lake patting the shore, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the lake in the white tent. Against the background of the blue sky and white clouds, you can feel the feeling of fairy tale when you take a shot, as if you have entered the world of Miyazaki Hayao’s animation, which makes people feel casual and comfortable.Where would you like to go?Go with your family and friends this weekend!Title: Hainan these good places to play, contract your early spring travel!Source: new Hainan client Hainan number @ Manchen Hainan original title: Hainan these good places to play, contract your early spring travel!Source: New Hainan client Hainan no. @ Manchen Hainan

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