The city of Yangzhong in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu province, reported one new local confirmed case and two asymptomatic cases between midnight and midnight On Monday

From 00:00 to 12:00 on April 6, there was 1 new confirmed case (mild) and 2 new asymptomatic cases in Yangzhong city, Both of which were found during the screening of quarantined personnel.Since March 29, a total of 9 local confirmed cases have been reported in Yangzhong, including 1 ordinary case and 8 mild cases. All of them have been treated in isolation in the municipal infectious disease hospital.A total of 12 asymptomatic local patients have been reported, all of whom have been quarantined in the municipal infectious disease hospital for medical observation.Confirmed case 9 (close connection of confirmed case 3) has been quarantined since March 30.Asymptomatic infected persons 11 (close contact with confirmed case 5) have been quarantined since April 1.A total of 12 asymptomatic infected persons (including 5 confirmed cases) have been quarantined since April 1.The current epidemic prevention and control situation is still grim and complex, please do not believe rumors, do not spread rumors, always enhance the awareness of personal protection, adhere to wash hands, wear masks, frequent ventilation, fewer gatherings, one meter noodles, chopsticks, separate meals and other good personal hygiene habits, and actively cooperate with all kinds of places temperature check code work.Take the initiative to protect yourself and your family by getting vaccinated against COVID-19.If you have fever, cough, fatigue or other symptoms, go to the fever clinic of designated medical institutions in a timely manner, take personal protection when seeking medical treatment, avoid taking public transportation to the fever clinic, and proactively inform you of your activity and contact history during the 14 days.Those who conceal their close contact with a confirmed case or an asymptomatic infected person, thereby causing the spread of the epidemic, will bear corresponding legal responsibility.COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters of Zhenjiang City, April 6, 2022

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