Tighten production safety string Dongying Economic and Technological Development Zone emergency management department to do a good job in key industries to resume work and production

The public network, poster journalists Su chi ho dongying reports “the training for two days, the province emergency manage hall invited national experts in the field of production safety, through video conference way for enterprise to carry on the teaching, the content covers the dust detonation and the ammonia refrigeration and deep well casting, metal smelting, and other fields, practical training joint enterprises, systematic, practical, the maneuverability is strong,It provides guidance for enterprises to carry out self-examination and self-correction in a more thorough manner.”Dongying Economic and Technological Development Zone emergency Management department related responsible comrade introduction.On the morning of February 14th, the emergency management Department of Dongying Economic and Technological Development Zone organized more than 30 enterprises in key industries and trade above designated size to participate in the training of “The first Lesson of Starting work”.Emergency management department in charge of the training before the dongying economic and technological development zone is responsible for the comrades attending enterprises and principal heads in the conversation, face to face on the Qingdao Fang Ning steel pipe manufacturing co., LTD. “2 · 8” object against accidents, shandong jining hundred skadden wood industry co., LTD. “1 · 27” dust explosion accident warning information, asked all relevant enterprises to draw lessons and accidentWe strengthened the concept of “safety is the greatest benefit”, strictly enforced the “20 must” requirements for production safety, promptly carried out self-examination and self-rectification, comprehensively investigated problems and hidden dangers, and carried out special rectification campaigns of “The First Lesson in Operation” and “Removing hidden dangers and ensuring safety” to ensure safety at work and production.Since the launch of the special rectification action of “Eliminating hidden dangers and ensuring safety” in the city’s production safety, the Emergency Management Department of Dongying Economic and Technological Development Zone has taken active actions, highlighting the key areas, key links and key groups of safety investigation, focusing on dangerous chemicals, dust related explosion, metal smelting and other fields prone to mass death and injury accidents.Organize law enforcement backbone and industry experts to carry out the whole chain, all-round and whole process of safety inspection.Pay close attention to enterprises that suspend production and resume production, high-risk operations and external contractors’ operations to ensure that enterprises fully implement the “four in place”;We will highlight the features of production safety in winter, closely monitor dangerous operations such as fire, power consumption and limited space, and urge enterprises to further improve rules and regulations, implement control measures, and strengthen on-site monitoring to ensure production safety.Through the safety management personnel wechat group, QQ group and other channels, timely release safety warning information, warning education video, the latest policies and regulations and accident prevention guidelines and other relevant information, to improve the safety production awareness and safety management ability of relevant personnel of the enterprise.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email or wechat, we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com;Wechat id: Jiupai6688 (Note to add and withdraw)

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