17 consecutive years of growth!Lexus China will deliver 226,116 new vehicles in 2021

Lexus China officially announced its sales figures for 2021 on Jan 27.In the past year, Lexus delivered 226,116 new vehicles in China, up 1.1% from a year earlier.So far, Lexus has achieved positive growth in the Chinese market for 17 consecutive years.Among new cars delivered last year, 87,606 were electrified models, up 4.5 percent from 2020 and accounting for 38.7 percent of total sales, according to official information.By the end of 2021, Lexus electrified models had gained nearly 430,000 users in the Chinese market.However, in the official sales long picture, did not disclose the specific model of the annual sales data, but it is expected that the brand sales title will still be Lexus ES won.In 2021, Lexus China launched a number of blockbuster new cars, including the all-new GENERATION NX and the mid-stage ES, among which the all-new generation NX also launched a plug-in hybrid version, which is the brand’s first model equipped with plug-in hybrid power system.In addition, at Toyota’s new electric strategy conference held in December 2021, Akio Toyoda officially announced that all new lexus cars in China, Europe and the US market by 2030 will be pure electric models, which also means that Lexus will become a pure electric luxury brand.In the announcement of sales at the same time, Lexus China also said that 2022 will be the first year of electrification of the brand, according to the plan, Lexus LF-Z production version will appear before August this year, the Chinese market will be the main sales market of this new pure electric vehicle;As for whether there are other electrified models to introduce is still unknown, I will continue to pay attention to.

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