Qinhuangtai township in the whole 47 natural villages “big speakers” all upgraded into emergency wisdom broadcast system

“Villagers, the current epidemic prevention and control situation is still grim, and vaccination is the most effective means to fight against the epidemic. Villagers who have received the second dose of vaccine after six months, please go to their communities to get the third dose immediately.”February 18, many dissenting Confucian wisdom township an emergency broadcast system is the first message after the installation is complete, entire town 47 villages radio site qi qi, covering the entire town every corner, it marks the GaiXiang emergency broadcast management system was put into use wisdom, and will assume the emergency information release, an important role in guiding public opinion, policy propaganda,Qinhuangtai township also became the region’s first emergency broadcast terminal full coverage of the township.Learned, emergency broadcasting system “wisdom” is based on Internet technologies and technology advantage, radio, mobile communication, computer and other technology, use of district and township, community or village level 3 radio broadcast platform, transmission covering network and radio terminals, for the purpose of making, transmit information and daily broadcasting, besides has the corresponding function of traditional radio,It also has functions such as issuing emergency broadcast information.Compared with the speakers in previous villages, emergency smart broadcasting is more “smart and convenient”. You only need to download an APP on your smartphone to shout, broadcast and play audio according to the prompts. You can also choose the broadcast range and area according to the situation.It has many advantages, such as flexible form, wide listening range, fast transmission speed, strong sound efficiency, information transmission is not restricted by time and space, and good publicity effect.On the choice of radio content, many dissenting Confucian township in accordance with the principle of “people need to sow what you”, everyday for the villagers to broadcast favorable policies and agricultural knowledge, and when the outbreak, typhoon, heavy rain, cold and other sudden emergencies, and can be used as an emergency broadcast system, in a rapidly convey decrees, release authoritative information, correctly guide public opinion,Strengthening security propaganda and education plays an irreplaceable role.In order to strengthen the management of emergency broadcasting system and establish a scientific and perfect operation and use, information release and management mechanism, Qinhuangtai Township also formulated and introduced the “Qinhuangtai Township Emergency broadcasting Use Management Interim Measures”, which has made strict provisions on daily management, release content review, standards, procedures and accountability.At the same time, the township to arrange a full-time player responsible for information broadcast and system background management operation and maintenance.Emergency broadcasting system using wisdom, improve the grassroots radio emergency, propaganda and service ability, become the rural masses understands the convenient channel of the new policy and transmission, to satisfy the masses of broadcasting service the needs of basic public services and the diversity of culture, through the grassroots advocacy “the last kilometer”, and also for grassroots social governance “plug wings add wing.Reporter Yao Xingbin correspondent Zhang Zhigang reports

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