Reduce weight period 3 next critical illness notice!Losing 50 pounds in two months?The wife told the truth

Reduce weight period 3 next critical illness notice!Losing 50 pounds in two months?His wife revealed his old life weight loss is not successful, almost put the life in, fat monkey baby and had an accident, because in the training camp to lose weight was hospitalized by three times issued critically ill notice, his wife angry fat monkey baby weight loss.Ask for 20 million compensation fruitless, what did the fat monkey young that falls down from eat sow peak to reduce weight experienced during?After all the hype about weight loss treatments, what else does the fat monkey have in mind?After the bubble dragon tragedy, the same heavyweight eating blogger Fat Monkey also became the focus of public attention, as a eating blogger, although the money is fast, but also really at the risk of life.Eating from 300 pounds to 600 pounds, the fat monkey’s body is weakening, not only sitting and panting, but also having to take a rest after walking a few steps, and even breathing oxygen at the end. All these behaviors indicate that the fat monkey’s body has been hovering on the edge of danger.In order to prevent the tragedy of the dragon from happening again, netizens have urged him to lose weight quickly and pay attention to health, and the fat monkey also agreed.But it is difficult for him to lose weight, he will inevitably resist psychology, produce procrastination behavior, the tragedy of Bubble dragon has sounded the alarm bell to this industry, eat sow net red to make money quickly, take life to bet has caused a bad atmosphere.If it were not for the platform’s suppression and the closure of Fat Monkey’s account, fat Monkey’s weight loss might not be on the agenda.Of course, in order to lose weight, fat monkey son paid a heavy price, do not want to cut his stomach to do surgery, he invested 5 million dollars in a training camp, asked five related experts to help its weight loss.In a video posted on his social media platform, chubby Monkey has lost 50kg after two months of physical training and diet.This process is undoubtedly painful. The fat monkey once joked that he was so painful that he did more exercise than the soldiers every day. He had no idea how he managed to get through these two months.However, losing 50 kilograms is not enough for the chubby monkey, as careful netizens noticed that the chubby monkey still has black spots on its arms, similar to those on the body of a Bubble dragon.It means the red light is still flashing on his body, and it has been revealed that the chubby boy almost died trying to lose weight.It is well known that the fat monkey’s physique, even standing still, puts too much strain on the heart, let alone exercising to lose weight.During physical training, fat monkey fell into a coma due to heart failure and was immediately sent to the hospital for treatment. However, during the treatment, fat monkey repeatedly came close to death and was notified of his critical condition three times.Appear such accident during weight loss, fat monkey wife nature does not allow, then to training camp for twenty million compensation, but the training camps give reply is, weight loss camp is fat monkey decide for themselves, and have already signed an agreement with fat monkey, before training camp out of the things is not liable, so training camp refused to compensate.Although the truth of the news remains to be confirmed, there is no doubt that the way of exercise and weight loss is difficult for the fat monkey at present, and during the training camp, the fat sister was angry with her mouth talk about weight loss, there are snacks in the house, basically a snack can make a day of training in vain.It can be seen that fat monkey boy this way of losing weight not only can not effectively lose weight, but also may encourage its habit of overeating and drinking. Therefore, it is necessary to go to a regular hospital and carry out reasonable weight loss under the doctor’s advice.But why does the fat monkey still insist on losing weight at boot camp?The reason may be that Fat Monkey does not want to give up his traffic. After the official closure of the account, the bad direction of Eating Broadcast can no longer become the development direction of the account in the future.But as an Internet celebrity, it is hard to estimate the value of fat Monkey’s account, just as he has been reluctant to give up eating and broadcasting.On the one hand, fat Monkey and his family do not want to give up the profit of the account, on the other hand, it may be the brokerage company’s sky-high penalty problem.No matter which reason, give up fat monkey this account is not the best choice, and since have temporarily can’t do it, perhaps it can do to lose weight video, both the correct values guidance, and can continue to maintain the account activity, perhaps return ability again attracted a wave of fans, for fat monkey, this is undoubtedly the best method of dealing with the account.Compared with the serious medical environment of regular hospitals, the relaxed and joyful training camp is more conducive to video shooting. At the same time, more elements can be integrated into the weight loss video, bringing new perspectives to the video, which should be the best way to maintain the account.Of course, this is just speculation, if the training camp weight loss method is not the most suitable for the fat monkey, I hope he can make the right choice in front of life and interests, as soon as possible medical treatment.What do you think about that?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section.

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