The 70-year-old man wrote a doggerel to record the changes in the community, and the property volunteers celebrated the Lantern Festival with the old community residents

Sanitation workers eat steaming tangyuan in Zhiyin Dongyuan community.Changjiang daily reporter Wan Ling changjiang daily taken big client in wuhan February 13 (reporter Wan Ling Correspondent yen-hung liu) on February 13 afternoon, hanyang jianghan bridge street 2 dong yuan community red bosom friend in the home decorating, glutinous dumplings, sat around children learn to do the tiger lantern, sculpture, grilles, community work personnel and property housekeeper put great lantern riddle in advance,Volunteers serve steaming dumplings to sanitation workers.Seeing the happy and peaceful scene, 70-year-old Party member Chen Xianze couldn’t help but take out his notebook and read a doggerel he had written on the eve of the Spring Festival.Chen xianze told Changjiang Daily that after retirement, he joined the community silver volunteer service team and patrolled the community every day. He also likes to use words to record the changes in the community. So far, he has composed hundreds of doggerel.Silver volunteers cook glutinous rice balls for residents in Zhiyin Dongyuan community.Changjiang daily reporter Wan Ling taken the last two years, Chen Xianze feel obvious changes have taken place in the community, street style terminal fix up station, become the new era of civilization after the practice of community library books increased, small garden public toilets upgrade, old people playing chess to chat during the day, exercise, read the newspaper reading the newspaper, in later life rich and colorful.Last April, Hanyang district people’s Congress representatives to zhiyin East yuan district to listen to public opinion, Chen Xianze on the streets, the community for the civilian style of doing things full of praise and give a limerick: “Zhiyin East court has a bosom friend, one is to learn to grasp tightly;Party member masses heart to heart, two is work grasps frequently;Bridge street cadres are good, the third is the sinking community;The foundation work is firmly established, and all work shows value.”Red homeland is zhiyin Dongyuan community Party committee organized residents to carry out activities of the front.”Living in the old community, happiness, security is no worse than the new community.”Qian Zhenghua, an octogenarian party member, said that the original community has poor environmental sanitation and disorderly parking, but since October 2020, the community hired a property company to enter the old community for trusteing, standardized property management has made the community facilities and environment have changed drastically, while also exempting residents from property management fees.The Red Homeland also organizes party building activities every month, and the New Era Civilization Practice Station (institute) continuously carries out voluntary services. Living here is both convenient and a sense of belonging.Hu Dongrong, a native of Macheng, Hubei province, came to Hanyang five or six years ago to work and live in Zhiyin Dongyuan Community.During the epidemic, Hu Dongrong volunteered for epidemic prevention and control.Wearing a red vest, she stood on duty at the gate of the community, attracting the attention of residents, and was photographed many times and written into the composition of primary school students.Before long, Wuhan Zhengyang Property Management Co., Ltd. recruited her as a volunteer for the old community property, responsible for security order.Red Property volunteer Hu Dongrong (right) and his son participate in the lantern riddles guessing activity in the community during the Lantern Festival.”At that time, my son was about to enter junior high school, and I thought that without a hukou in Wuhan, I could not enroll nearby.I am very grateful to Secretary Huang for helping my son enroll according to the policy.”‘I feel like my family is really integrated into the city of Wuhan,’ she said. ‘I have to work harder to give back to the community,’ she said.According to Huang Chunping, party secretary of Zhiyin Dongyuan community, the community is based on an old residential area built in the 1980s and has about 2,000 households.Zhengyang property custody of the community, community appearance and order have a greater change.Last year, the Hanyang District traffic brigade assisted in opening one-way vehicle circulation lines in the community, and the community actively coordinated parking Spaces to the surrounding social parking lots and unit parking lots, which basically solved the problems of driving and parking difficulties for residents.”Lantern Festival brings together community workers, property staff, volunteers and residents to bond.””Huang chunping said.It is understood that from February 13 to 15, wuhan Zhengyang Property Management Co., Ltd. hosted by 69 old residential areas in Hanyang District will carry out Lantern Festival activities.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address:

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