Us media reports: The Winter Olympics have multiple positive effects on China

To build the ski jumps needed for the Winter Olympics, China is covering the slopes with a steel shell and a layer of artificial snow.Engineers are digging tunnels through the mountains to build a high-speed rail link between the Venues of the Winter Olympics and Beijing.To control the Novel Coronavirus, nucleic acid tests are carried out daily on people attending the Winter Olympics.Beijing has long relied on massive investment in railways, roads and other infrastructure to create millions of jobs for its people and reduce transportation costs, the report said.China also hopes to use hosting the 2022 Games as an opportunity to foster enduring interest in skiing, curling, ice hockey and other winter sports that could boost consumer spending, especially in the country’s chilly northeast.Perhaps most importantly, the Olympics are a chance to show the world how united and confident China is.Almost every Olympics in recent years has sparked controversy over cost overruns, the report said.An Oxford University study found that since 1960, the Olympics have on average cost three times as much to host as they did when the host city originally bid.The report also said the outbreak had made the cost of hosting the Games even greater.Tokyo’s bill for hosting last year’s Summer Olympics included $2.8 billion for Novel Coronavirus prevention.China’s “dynamic clearance” policy, which focuses on eliminating outbreaks, means infection control is much more complicated.The International Olympic Committee announced last fall that the Games would be held without foreign spectators.Then, last month, the Beijing Winter Olympics organizing committee announced that it would change its plan to sell tickets publicly to organize spectators to watch the games in person.Officials say a lack of spectators means fewer people need to be hired for the Games.China also saved money by canceling welcoming ceremonies for foreign visitors and shortening the torch relay, the Beijing Winter Olympics organizing committee said.Beijing could also reuse competition venues, large media centers and other facilities built for the 2008 Summer Olympics.While previous Olympic host cities have spent heavily on accommodation facilities for athletes and journalists, as well as building media centers, China has taken a different approach.In Zhangjiakou, where some of the events are held, China has tapped into the Miryuan Genting Park and greatly expanded the resort’s reception capacity.China believes the Games will transform Beijing into a global winter sports destination.”The successful hosting of the Winter Olympics will have a positive effect on Beijing’s economic growth and is a new growth point,” said Xu Hejian, director of the 2022 Beijing Press Center.Aerial photo taken on Dec. 30, 2021 shows the night view of the National Cross-country Ski Center (bottom) and the National Ski Jumping Center (top RIGHT) in Chongli District of Zhangjiakou City.The Xinhua News Agency

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