Xu Kai and Wu Jinyan finally meet. Will Shang Food be the next Story of Yanxi Palace?

Xu Kai and Wu Jinyan star in food, officially released on February 22.The two leading actors Xu Kai, Wu Jinyan, has also started non-stop preheating promotional activities.For example, activities such as scanning the building of a famous Internet company, bathing, food and kissing scenes were also trending.In the summer when The Story of Yanxi Palace became a hit, wei Yingluo and Fucha Fuheng in the play were “lovers who eventually became bitter lovers”, which was once the heart of many audiences.Drama thunder is true thunder, logical chaos is also true chaos, dog blood is also true dog blood.But it’s cool and it’s sadistic.Fucha Fuheng and Wei Yingluo, the picture of the snow passing by, was once selected for the year-end inventory, “abuse” list on the list of scenes.Can the former screen CP team up for the new play to replicate the original blockbuster effect?The possibility may be relatively small, relatively difficult.First, excessive overdraft of past filters.After The Story of Yanxi Palace, Wu jinyan’s career can be described as “all the way from his roots”.The cooperation with CP in Yanxi Palace has also been used many times.For example, Wu Jinyan and Nie Yuan’s “Hao Lana Biography”, “Happiness Will Come Again”, an ancient costume and a modern romance, the effect is not satisfactory.For example, Qin LAN, Wu Jinyan, Nie Yuan cooperation “Family”, has not been released, also do not know how the quality.However, in The Story of Yanxi Palace, the main actors frequently cooperate with each other, which is undoubtedly the excessive use of CP effect.The more, the more likely it is to cause fatigue.Second, the special context of “Dog blood Cool drama”.Strictly speaking, Yanxi Palace, despite its popularity, is not a fine drama.It’s probably, a, fresh, and b, it’s fun, it’s sadistic, it’s bloody, it’s crazy.Yu zheng is good at doing this set of content, often criticized.Now Yu Zheng himself has also been half-404, but his style of plays, I’m afraid, has not changed fundamentally.And this “still eat”, large probability also is an old routine ancient costume love idol just.It is interesting that years ago, Yu Zheng used to swear against his fans, saying that you do not like the cooperation between Xu Kai and White Lu for many times, but I had to arrange their cooperation for three generations.The original cast of Shang Food was once thought to be Xu Kai and Bai Lu, but the final product was Xu Kai and Wu Jinyan.Third, CP sense and the comprehensive performance of multiple factors.Can go out of the circle, to see Xu Kai and Wu Jinyan cp sense in the play, see the appearance level of the two plays, see whether the coat structure of the story is fresh, interesting and attractive, see whether the emotional drama sugar hair arsenic is enough to have effect.As mentioned above, Xu Kai and Wu Jinyan have been very productive in their idol dramas in recent years.On the one hand, artists work hard and work non-stop.On the other hand, it’s easy for actors to get overdrawn: to play a certain type of role many times over, repeating their old routines.Of course, the ancient puppet this type, the acting requirements are not particularly high.After all, Xu Kai and Wu Jinyan have the prospect of Wei Yingluo fucha And Fu Hengda abusing CP. From the perspective of publicity and acceptance, the advantage is obvious.What about “Still Eating”?We’ll see.

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