Focus on autistic children: Let our light shine on you alone

April 2, 2022 marks the 15th World Autism Day.On March 28, Qingshan District Disabled Persons’ Federation invited doctors from Wuhan Ninth Hospital and Wudong Hospital and teachers from Qingshan District AIDS Station to hold an online live event titled “The Corner of Light and Shadow, I See You Alone” for the World Autism Day.Autism, known professionally as loneliness disorder (ASD), is a pervasive developmental disorder.In December 2007, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution to designate April 2 as World Autism Day from 2008 to raise awareness of autism research and diagnosis, as well as people with autism.During the live broadcast, Peng Qian, a doctor from Wudong Hospital, explained the specific symptoms, causes and how to detect autism early.She introduced that autistic children will have rigid behavior and speech communication disorders, new parents should pay attention to observe, regular physical examination of children, understand the growth of the child in all aspects, if there is abnormal medical treatment in time.Gu Zhihong, director of the Children’s Rehabilitation Department of Wuhan Ninth Hospital, explained the importance of early family intervention for children with autism and the methods of early intervention for children with autism.Parents are the closest people to children, and only parents have the best understanding of the characteristics and needs of children with autism in the whole process of growing up.She stressed that the family rehabilitation of autistic children is of great significance, and parents should actively cooperate with professional institutions to carry out rehabilitation training for their children.It is reported that Wuhan No. 9 Hospital declared to establish the first designated rehabilitation institution for disabled children in Qingshan District in 2022, offering integrated care classes for children with special needs. It is committed to creating a four-in-one care and rehabilitation model for children with special needs, which is the first among the city’s public hospitals.Ms. Hou Xian-e from The Qingshan District Auxiliary Equipment Station introduced the work arrangement of the rehabilitation auxiliary equipment for disabled children in Qingshan District in 2022, and explained in detail the government welfare that autistic children can enjoy and the adaptive auxiliary equipment projects.The “Corner of Light and Shadow, I See You Alone” online live broadcast by Qingshan Disabled Persons’ Federation lasted for nearly 2 hours, attracting more than 200 online viewers and nearly 3,000 likes.The launch of the live broadcast not only enhances the social awareness of autism, but also guides the society to pay attention to the vulnerable groups and show more care and understanding for autistic children and families.Produced by: Qingshan District Committee of the COMMUNIST Party of China qingshan District Publicity Department Qingshan Rong Media Center source: Qingshan District Disabled Persons’ Federation

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