Liaoning team 31 years old veteran will not retire!Yang Ming remains successful, eager to win another CBA championship

“We do hope he can play again, but he has made up his mind and wants to spend more time with his family.”Liaoning saw off veteran he Tianju in last year’s offseason and he is likely to return to the team as coach in the future.This window period, Liu Zhixuan, 31 years old liaoning team veteran, also expressed the idea of retirement to the team, but Yang Ming and Li Hongqing hope Liu Zhixuan play another year, under everyone’s persuasion, Liu Zhixuan withdrew the idea of retirement, focus on helping the team to impact the championship of this season!Liu, who broke his right hand in offseason training last year, missed the first period and returned to play in 12 games in the second period. He averaged 17.5 minutes per game, scoring only 3 points, 1.8 rebounds and 2.9 assists, and was in poor shape, shooting only 35 percent from 2-point range, 37 percent from 3-point range and 60 percent from free throw range.Liu Zhixuan is now older, more injuries, competitive decline more serious, career into the countdown.”Ten years in a hurry, thanks to the team!”Liu Zhixuan wrote recently that this is his 10th CBA season. He is very grateful to the big family of Liaoning Province. The constant fighting and physical fatigue have made Liu Zhixuan want to retire.With zhang town ‘growth, hey ma beautiful, as well as YuZeChen, Wu Changze, chew these young players have begun to emerge, had actually completed the upgrade – strike, this day for veteran, xiao-xu li, Liu Zhixuan these will also stepped slowly, it takes a long time the growth of the young players, veterans can impart to young players experience.Liaoning team still need Liu Zhixuan, Yang Ming very trust Liu Zhixuan, especially to the playoffs, last season Liu Zhixuan was abandoned in the regular season, but to the playoffs Yang Ming re-enabled Liu Zhixuan, the finals face Guangdong team is reuse Liu Zhixuan.Liu Zhixuan is really very comprehensive, experience is also rich, can go to the guest point guard, can also play off the ball, used to be a defensive leader, now his pace is a lot slower.Liaoning’s defensive line was strong in individual ability, guo Ailun and Zhao Jiwei were sharp, but yan was embarrassed to be without a third guard. Liu Zhixuan had to play the third guard when Gao Shiyan left, but Yang Ming let Liu Zhixuan play the third guard.Liu played 30.2 minutes per game and shot 45 percent from 3-point range in the 2018 playoffs, helping Liaoning win the CBA championship. Hopefully he can fulfill his dream again this year by helping Liaoning win its second CBA championship.

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